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Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale

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Sentinel Stiles Stilinski was coming home after being discharged from the military. He had done his time, now all he wanted to do was settle into life at the Sheriff's Department with his father. Then he meets Guide Peter Hale.

Part 1


Peter Hale laughed as he shoved at Cora. The little girl stumbled and fell onto the ground and rolled onto her back to stick her tongue out at Peter.

“Where is your brother?”

“Spencer is inside,” Cora said. She pushed herself to her elbows and then stood up. She cocked her head to the side. “Oh, you mean Derek. Ugh, he’s brooding somewhere.”


“That’s all he’s been doing lately.”

Peter nodded his head, and he looked toward the treehouse that he had helped build for the kids. He had been nothing more than a kid himself, but he had fun doing it with his father. There were only a few months between Peter and Talia’s eldest Laura and then just about three years between him and Derek, Talia’s second child. Peter had grown up as a brother to them instead of Uncle. He had been born late in life for their parents. What they had assumed as menopause setting in had been a pregnancy. They had chosen to keep him, despite the issues that it could have caused. Thankfully for Peter, his mother had survived the pregnancy with little ill effect, even if she had spent five months o fit on bed rest.

“Well, I’m going to go and talk to him. You go inside and help your mother with dinner.”

Peter had only been home a few days. It was winter break for college, but he had stayed behind to help his law professor with something. Graduating high school early meant college early, and that also meant that he was now in his first year of law school. He was good at it, but he wasn’t sure it was what he wanted to do. He liked it but as a dalliance. He was going to complete it, though, for the memory of his parents. Peter rubbed at his chest and closed his eyes for a few seconds before he opened them again. He could feel something moving under his skin, and he wasn’t sure what it was. He tried to push it away again. It had been building in him for a while now. The first time he had felt it, he had been reeling from finding out that his parents had been killed in a car accident. He had stayed at school for the week and finished out some tests. Talked to his professors and took the assignments home that would be done and making time to take tests when he was back. He had been given two weeks off by every one of his professors as long as he handed in assignments at the end of the two weeks by the Internet and then took the tests on his own when he got back. It had gotten worse, though, and harder to push away now that he was home again. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but so far, he had been fine.

Derek was up in the treehouse, where Peter had found him a few other times he had been looking for him. He started up the ladder that would take him up. It was big enough for adults, and that had served Derek well since he had started a growth spurt and was now tall enough that if they had made it smaller, he wouldn’t be able to fit in there. A twin mattress was in the bedroom area, and while it barely fit any of the kids besides Spencer and Cora, it was where Peter found Derek.

There was a scent of perfume in the room that Peter didn’t know. It was too floral for Talia, and Laura didn’t like florals at all. Peter felt the thing that was inside of him break out. He looked at Derek, who looked kind of broken sitting there on the bed, and he felt the need to protect him. Derek was a latent Sentinel. Everyone in the family knew it. He had been tested as a kid. Laura and Cora were as well, but Peter didn’t think they would come online unless something happened. Derek’s Sentinel though, could be seen even to a mundane like Peter.

“Peter?” Derek asked as he looked at Peter with wide eyes.

Derek was a mass of emotion; there were too many for Peter to process, so he started to push away the weakest ones until he found the one he was looking for. Peter pulled out his cell phone, and Derek looked worried. He dropped to his haunches as he waited for the call to connect.


“Get the Sheriff here, now.” Peter hung up and looked at Derek again. He opened his arms, and Derek looked at him for a few seconds before he moved int Peter’s embrace. Peter fell back on his ass, but Derek was there in his arms, feeling like shame and sorrow, and many other emotions that Peter now had a name to put to it. He closed his eyes and breathed. He did his calming exercises like he had learned while in yoga. He had started to take his freshman year of college. He had needed it to help him with his load and being a couple of years younger than the rest. Peter tightened his hold on Derek and didn’t let him go.

It seemed that in everything to do with Talia’s job, Derek had been forgotten. Peter wanted to curse his sister and brother-in-law. They had neglected the one kid that needed them the most. Derek’s girlfriend had been killed over the summer by a rabies-infected mountain lion. They had been hiking through the private lands of the Preserve and had been separated when the mountain lion had attacked. Derek had gone one way and Paige the other. Her body had been found. Derek had retreated so far into himself that only Peter had been able to get him out of it. If it wasn’t for the first year of law school, Peter would have delayed going back and stayed in Beacon Hills. He regretted it all now.

Peter shushed Derek as he started to cry, and he put him to sleep. Peter knew then what had happened. He had been tested, he was sure of it, but given what he was feeling from everyone around him, his test had been wrong. Peter swallowed as he tried to pull himself back into his body and stop feeling anything but the quiet contentment that was now coming off of Derek as he slept. Time lost meaning as Peter calmed himself down. He just wanted Derek to feel better.

Cora slipped up, and into the treehouse, she stayed by the door, like she was protecting them. Talia and Greg were both latent, neither of them needed by the world at large to come online. Peter wondered what his sister would think of him coming online as a Guide while she never had. Greg was the Sentinel, and they felt like they were a match, and if they came online, the other would.

“It’s the Sheriff,” Cora whispered after a little while. She moved away from the door after sticking her head out. Another person scrambled up the ladder, and Peter wasn’t shocked to see that it was Spencer. The little boy had latched onto Derek as his favorite sibling from nearly birth. Behind him was the newly elected Sheriff. After a horrible car wreck had injured the previous Sheriff enough for him to not be able to stay as Sheriff, a quick election had been held. Noah Stilinski had run unopposed. He had been the second in command for the Sheriff for a while, and he was known to be a good and fair man. He was a Sentinel that had never found his Guide but had found a woman that he loved. They had one child. Even with his wife’s death that fall, he had still run for Sheriff and had been good since he had been elected the previous month. He had taken over immediately instead of waiting for the normal passing off time.

“Peter, right?” Noah asked as he settled down in the little living room area of the treehouse.

“Yes, Sheriff,” Peter said.

“Noah is fine. So what’s going on?”

Peter snorted. There was no way that Noah didn’t know that he was online and barely holding on. Focusing on Derek and keeping him asleep at the moment was the only thing that was keeping Peter going. “Well, two things, one you already know.”

Noah nodded his head.

“Good, and the second thing is that Derek-” Peter stopped and looked at Cora and Spencer. He sighed. This was way too much for them at their age, but it was going to be impossible for him to keep it from them. They were going to be Derek’s best bet at getting over this. “You were the one that found Paige.”


“Well, I nearly stayed and took a year off. Derek’s not been doing well with it, and I assumed that my sister and her husband would do a better job of helping him than they obviously were. I came in, and I smelled perfume in here. There was also a feeling of despair. It wasn’t until I came online that I realized what I had found. Can you smell her?” Peter asked.


“Good. Good. Then you can find her. Whatever is going on with Derek at the moment, she’s tied to it, and I don’t think that she has his best interests at heart.”

“Come down to the station when you get a chance, Peter. Bring Derek and one of his parents. We can get a statement from him then.”

Noah slipped out again, and as soon as he was down the ladder, Spencer was there, crawling into Peter’s lap to wrap himself around Derek. Spencer was a latent Guide, and it seemed like he could kind of sense what was going on. Cora looked pissed off. He figured that she knew just enough to figure out what Peter had kind of talked around.

The coming days were going to be hard. At least he had most of the Christmas break to get things going. His apartment was big enough that he could move Derek in with him. He wasn’t sure that he trusted Talia and Gregory to deal with the issues from this anymore.

Peter listened as Derek told the Sheriff and another Deputy about Kate. How she was one of his teachers, and she had been paying a lot of attention to him over the last few months. At first, it had just seemed to be innocent, but then she had started to touch him. He knew that it was wrong, but she was giving him attention when he wasn’t getting any from anyone else. Peter wanted to rip someone apart, and he would probably start with his sister and her husband. Derek had refused to let them in and had only wanted Peter there. Peter was barely old enough to be anything to him, but at least he was over eighteen.

“Well, son, you are not in trouble. You stopped things from happening that you were not ready for, and that’s a good thing. I have a few questions for your Uncle, and then we will talk again. You can stay in the room, though, and I do want your opinion.”

“Okay.” Derek leaned over and laid his head on Peter’s shoulder as the Sheriff gave him a reassuring smile.

“First things first, this is the teacher.” Noah slipped an image across. It looked like the one that had been taken for her ID for teaching at the school.

Peter looked at it. There was something in the face that he knew, but he wasn’t sure where from. Peter knew it was her first year teaching, and she was a substitute for the High School.

“We ran a background check on her and found that the one the school ran wasn’t as complete as it should have been. The local agency that runs that for them is being looked at. Her identity was obviously faked. Now, I found a note in your file, Peter, about an incident a few years back where you nearly got into a fistfight with an adult when you were thirteen.”

“Gerard Argent. He was harassing my mother. The Argents moved away after that. He was a controlling asshole who didn’t like the way that my mother ruled the town when she was mayor. He felt like she was doing a poor job even though she had boosted up the whole town.”

“This is his daughter, Kate.”

“Fuck,” Peter said. He looked at Noah. The few hours of training himself, he had learned how to read people with their emotions. Noah was a volcano about to erupt of being pissed off. “She’s just graduated college, does she even have a teaching degree?”

“No. Her entire identity was faked. The only thing that is the same is the age and her first name. We have a few deputies out looking for her. Also, Kate is registered as a latent Guide, but given what I have got from a few of the teachers at the school that we talked to about her, I would say that she’s not latent but dormant. In fact, what I have found has them all dormant except for the son that wants nothing to do with the family anymore.”

“Christopher. He left when his father tried to marry him off to a woman that he didn’t like. Left Beacon Hills and never returned. Last I heard he was in San Francisco.”

“Well, things are going to be worrisome for a while. Derek, what do you feel when you are around her?”

Peter listened as Derek talked about her feeling weird but that she had explained it was because she was latent and would come online when he did. Peter wanted to scream. Hell, he wanted to kill. He was just thankful that Derek hadn’t let anything get further than a few kisses before her feel had become too much for him.


Stiles Stilinski opened his eyes and groaned before he closed them again. Things were still weird, and he had no clue what was going on. He could smell shit that he shouldn’t be able to smell. He could feel things on his skin that he shouldn’t as well. That grain of sand was too much, and it was something that he never should have been able to feel. He knew then that he had come online. He could feel the thump of his heart and could smell his teammates. He groaned and tried to move, but they had him tied pretty well to whatever he was tied to. He was on his knees, and his hands were behind his back. His ankles were tied to something else. He was pretty much stuck on his knees. He had training, some on how to control his senses. Everyone who was latent went through it when they joined the military. Just in case they came online while in combat. Stiles was pretty sure it was so that the new awakened would go feral, but he wasn’t fully sure about that.

The sound of a door opening had Stiles looking up. He saw one of his team members outside of the door. He was on his knees and looked beat to hell. Stiles tried to call out to him, but it was like he was stuck in molasses. The gunfire from somewhere had Stiles jerking. He listened as seven shots went off. The final was just after the door to his room shut again. An eighth shot went off, and Stiles heard the body hit the ground. He jerked on his bindings, and they snapped like he was breaking a wet noodle. He dropped forward with the angle was at and kicked, breaking the rope at his ankles as well. He lunged for the door as soon as he was clear of everything. No one on the other side was ready for him.

Sound was the first thing to come back to him, and he wondered where he was. He didn’t move, though. He heard the sounds of voices in the area outside of the room that he was in. He heard a smattering of voices everywhere really, and none of them were easy to pick out. Stiles imagined his senses on a dial and slowly lowered hearing down. He had gone through a lot of training in the military, but that had been something that his father had taught him. He had years of living and working without a Guide and had become the Sheriff despite lacking in that way. Stiles took a deep breath and tried to catalog what he was smelling. He found that medicine scent that he knew form going with Scott to give his mom food when she worked late. He was in a hospital.

Stiles opened his eyes to see he wasn’t chained to the bed, so he wasn’t in enemy hands anymore. He saw that he wasn’t even hooked up to a monitor at all. There were no machines in the room other than the on IV that was giving him fluids. He looked to see that it was pretty much empty, so he pulled the needle from the back of his hand. Using the sheet on his body to staunch the blood flow. The scent of his own blood was too much, so he tried to dial that down, but he was having issues with that. There was too much scent around him that he needed, and his mind wasn’t letting him do it. He wasn’t fully sure he wasn’t in enemy hands. Stiles sat up and carefully looked around. The room was pretty standard for most hospitals that he had been in. Less comforting than his mother’s room had been but then end of life rooms were always a bit more comforting since it was where someone was spending the last of their days.

Checking over his body, Stiles saw a few cuts that were healing and had liquid stitching on them. He grinned at that. It had been what was used on him since he tended to pick at actual stitches. It helped him calm down some but not nearly enough. He could still be in enemy hands. Stiles walked to the window, uncaring about the gown showing off his ass. He was used to be pretty much naked. He rubbed at his cheeks—the laser treatment to remove hair before boot camp had been thorough. Stiles was glad of it. He hated shaving, and even at eighteen, he had not been able to grow a good beard. He felt clean, which was a good thing.

The city line was one that Stiles didn’t know, but he knew enough about languages and certain building aesthetics that he knew he was in Eastern Europe. He just wasn’t sure which one. Stiles turned around and saw that his cell phone was lying on a chair. It had been in his kit back at base. There was also a pile of his clothes there. Smelling of nothing. So they knew he was online. He grabbed the phone and pressed a button. It lit up, and he saw that it was on, and he brought up his Dad’s contact info and called.

“Stiles!” Noah’s tone told Stiles everything that he needed to know. “They said you wouldn’t wake up for another few hours.”

“Yes, well, they misjudged and left my cell phone in my room with me. So Daddio…what did they tell you.”

“Just that they found you passed out and kept you under for transport from where you were to Greece.”

“Ah, I knew it was Eastern Europe. So at least I am safe if people got in contact with you and brought my phone from where it was in my kit back at base. So the details are kind of fuzzy, but obviously, I can’t talk about them. I just wanted to hear your voice.” Stiles could also hear his father’s heartbeat and the sounds of the station. It was something that had helped settle him as a kid. He remembered falling asleep there a lot after his mother had died. The sounds had become normal to him.

“Ah, hell, kid. Are you okay?”

“I don’t know, Daddy. I don’t know. I’ll call when I can and tell you what I can. Should probably find a doctor. They don’t have me hooked up to a monitor, so I figure they don’t know I’m awake.”

“Be safe, son, and call when you can. I love you.”

“Love you, too, Pops.” Stiles hung up, feeling better after hearing his father. He didn’t tell his father that he was online, and he wasn’t sure if anyone had told him. He kind of didn’t want that to happen wit him pretty much naked and unsure of everything that was going on. Stiles dropped down into the chair after moving his clothes. He closed his eyes and listened to what was going on around him again, slowly zeroing in on the people at the front desk. He was sure he was at a base or something, so he wasn’t shocked to hear American accents. He smiled and stood up again, grabbing his boxers form the pile and putting them on before he stepped to the door. He opened it slowly and looked out. The nurses’ station was right in front of him. A few heads looked up and down, and then two shot up again.

“Specialist Stilinski, you should not be out of bed,” the first man said to him as he stood up. He nodded at the nurse beside him, and Stiles saw her pick up a phone and dial something. Probably paging whoever was overseeing Stiles.

“Well, I was alone in a room and woke up that way. No one came and checked on me, so I just came out here.”

“You should have pressed the alert.”

“Yup, the button thing is on the wall still attached. I would have had to have got up to grab it and then got back into bed. This was just as easy.”

“He never does what you want him to unless it’s life or death.”

“Captain,” Stiles said before he stood at attention and saluted.

“At ease.” Captain Rollins stepped closer and looked Stiles up and down. “You look okay.”

“Feeling okay, Sir. I’ve got a few senses dialed down at the moment. I’m sure that when I start to play with them, it won’t go as well.”

“Let’s go into your room, and you can get some clothes on.”

“I put underwear on already, Sir. I remember you telling me that you were tired of seeing my pale ass.”

Rollins laughed and waved for him to go in. Stiles turned and pulled his gown on and walked over to put on his pants. There was still really no smell on them, and he didn’t like it. He would like it better when they smelled of him. He left his shirt off for the time. He figured that his heart was going to be checked over, but at least pants were going to be an issue. He went ahead and put pants on as well.

“What happened, Sir. The last thing that I remember was my team being killed.”

“The men who had you didn’t know you were latent or that you were online after being ambushed. You woke up and went feral from what we know from the few men that you left broken but alive.”

“How many dead?” Stiles asked. He tried to remember what he had done, but it was kind of gone. He knew that it was the Sentinel part of himself protecting him. There were no tears lost over men who did what they had done. Not only to Stiles and his team, but to the villages they had raided. It was something horrible and nothing that he was going to feel bad about, even without his Sentinel self not letting him feel bad.

“You left seven alive and in horrible condition and one alive that you didn’t even touch other than locking in a room. I don’t know what the man said to you, but he promised that he had not taken part in anything and had been conscripted into everything recently. He was a fountain of information on a few other outposts. We have teams heading to take care of it.”

“Why am I in Greece?” Stiles asked.

“Closest hospital that we could get a space for you at that could contain a feral Sentinel if you woke up again and was still a little out of it. You seem to be fine.”

“I grew up around a Sentinel, Sir. My father is one. He never found a Guide who worked for him, so we learned to work around his senses. He had a few Guides that worked for the station that he used when he needed it. They were very good to him. I learned a few things from him, paid a lot of attention, and read all of the materials that he had been given. Especially after I was found to be latent when I was tested at age ten. So yeah, I learned how to control myself if I ever came online.”

“You marked in the signing paperwork that you were not sure what you wanted to do if you ever came online. I know that you never saw yourself staying in the military, just getting in and spending a few years like your father.”

“Yeah, I…don’t feel the need to want to stay in the military right now. I feel like I wanna go home.”

“And that’s why we have that clause in the paperwork. So you think that Beacon Hills is your territory?”

“Yeah. That.” Stiles rubbed at his eyes, there was a scent coming into his room that he didn’t like. He growled a little and stood up. Heading out of the room. He heard Rollins calling out to him, but he didn’t care. He just kept on going. Rollins was behind him but didn’t try and stop him. He kept on going until he found the scent. He grabbed the hand of the nurse who was injecting something into an IV. He reached out had put a kink in the line running out of the bag.

“Stilinski!” Rollins said.

“Sir, find a doctor now.”


Rollins left the room and came back with a doctor.

“Sir, this man just assaulted me,” the woman said.

“He grabbed your hand, and you aren’t even red where he did it. Now, what are you doing?”

“Giving this Guide the medication that she is supposed to get at this point in time, Doctor.”

“It smells…”

“We were a floor up, doctor. Whatever the scent is, Sentinel Stilinski didn’t like it.”

“Sentinel, I’m going to come over and pull the needle from her skin, and you are going to let go then.”

“Sure.” Stiles felt his skin crawling at the thought of what this Guide was being given. He wasn’t sure what was going on with all of it.

“Get a testing kit,” the doctor said to someone else.

“Testing kit?” Rollins asked.

“There are a few medications that we cannot give Guides for various reasons. We have a kit made that tests them all very quickly.

The other nurse came back with the kit, and there was a single vial inside and a chart. The doctor took the needle he had just taken from the Guide’s hand and stuck it into the vial, and then Stiles released.

The liquid in the vial turned black.

“Captain Rollins, until someone else gets here, I would like you and Sentinel Stilinski to keep her under guard. Do not let her call anyone or talk to anyone.”

“Sure,” Rollins said.

“What’s black mean?”

“That they were trying to kill the Guide. She’s been here for a few weeks after a traumatic coming online put her into a coma to protect her mind. We are doing a search for her Sentinel. None have triggered her to wake up. I’ll have them all come back. She was being kept under longer due to this drug.”

“Stilinski, can you go anywhere without causing some kind of incident?”

“Just ask my father, Sir. No.”

The doctor laughed, and the nurse that Stiles was turning around to use the cuffs that were being handed to him by a nurse laughed as well.

Stiles wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. His father wasn’t going to be shocked at this. It was just like when he had followed Cora home after school, and she had been acting weird. She had come online and had been trying to hide it. Stiles was just attracted to things that were not right. Stiles had been friends with her before that, and no one had been shocked when she had ended up following Stiles’ father into law enforcement, given how close they all were with Noah being the one to help train her as a Sentinel.

There were a lot of reasons to want to go home, but seeing Cora again was the biggest. He had missed her.

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