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Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale

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Sentinel Stiles Stilinski was coming home after being discharged from the military. He had done his time, now all he wanted to do was settle into life at the Sheriff's Department with his father. Then he meets Guide Peter Hale.

Part 2

Peter woke up, drenched in sweat like he had been since May. It was not every single night but enough that Peter had been worried about it. His Guide abilities were locked down and had stayed in the local branch of the training center for a few days until he woke up like that again. He had found that it was nothing that they could find. The only help that they could give him was that they thought that maybe he was connected to his Sentinel and that it was him who was having the issue, and his mind was helping his Sentinel by pulling that into him. Peter never remembered what he dreamed about, and he slept like the dead through it all. Peter wanted it to stop, mainly so that he wasn’t washing his bedclothes at least once a week. He had gone out and bought more sheets so that he could at least go four times before having to wash one to use again.

The clock on the nightstand told Peter that it was just a few minutes until his alarm was going to go off, so he rolled over and shut it off before getting out of bed. He snagged his phone and held it until the alarm on it went off. He got into the shower and got ready for the day. Thankfully the coffee pot was finished by the time that he made it down to the kitchen. He popped the capsule out of the machine and tossed it before placing another in there for the next morning. He only drank a single cup of coffee before swapping to tea for the day. He pulled his breakfast out of the fridge and popped it into the oven to reheat. The menu for the day was on the kitchen table where he had left it the night before. He settled there to look over it while his breakfast reheated. He had a routine, and he liked it. He just wasn’t sure what he was going to do with this Sentinel that was hovering at the edges of his mind when he slept.

Peter ate quickly before brushing his teeth while his kettle boiled, and he made a large carafe of tea to take with him to work. He inhaled deeply the smell of the bergamot that was in the tea and grinned. It was enough to help settle him down the rest of the way.

“Boyd,” Peter said when he saw the younger man standing by his car when he got outside.

“Morning, Boss.”

“Boyd, issues?” Peter asked. He walked to the trunk of the car and slipped in the carafe of tea to take with him. It would be enough to get him through the morning until more staff came that would get working on keeping him in tea, steadily lowering the caffeine content until by the time that dinner rush hit, he was drinking herbal.

“Car broke down, and I need to run and pick up the stuff at the market a town over. I figured I would just ride in with you and then leave with the car.”

“Sure. You got it in the shop?” Peter asked. He walked around to the passenger side and tossed Boyd the keys. He might as well get a chauffeur for the morning out of it.

“Yes. Tow picked it up last night. You were already in bed, and the Sheriff gave me a ride after hearing the two get called out over the radio.”

“Noah’s good at that kind of stuff. I think it’s half why he and the guys listen to the tow company in the area.” Peter had been picked up more than once by a Deputy or the Sheriff himself when he had called for a tow. The Deputies that were spread out around the county protecting it were all good guys. The Sheriff didn’t stand for anyone to be abusive. Of course, the Sentinels were vetted in very different ways, but the mundanes who worked were all good as well. Peter knew that the man ran a clean ship and protected everyone as much as he could. There was a reason that he was the head of the area, despite the fact that he didn’t have a Guide. Peter enjoyed the man’s company when he came in to eat lunch or dinner. Sometimes breakfast if he was getting off of a long shift and didn’t want to deal with people. Peter cooked him breakfast even though the restaurant wasn’t open.

“Sheriff said something last night about stopping by for breakfast. I told him to just come in the back today.”

Peter nodded his head and took a sip of his almost still too hot to drink tea. He blew into the hole and then took another sip.

“He said that Stiles is coming back,” Boyd said next.

Peter nodded again and then stopped. Who the hell was Stiles? Or what the hell was it? “What the hell is a Stiles?”

“His son.”

Peter stopped at that and looked at Boyd. The name was no familiar. He remembered the boy in the station while they dealt with Kate Argent and her inappropriate relationship with Derek. There had been DNA evidence of her on the property in the treehouse, so it hadn’t been hard to get that pinned on her. The fact that she had condoms and a bunch of other stuff in her apartment that was geared toward teenage boys and the only under eighteen-year-old in her life was her ten-year-old niece had not helped. That she had obtained false records to teach and used an assumed name that she had not changed legally had a whole big hunt going on. The FBI had ended up looking into things, and it seemed that her father had a slew of people that he hated, and he used Kate to ruin them. The implications of what she had done had been enough to get her thrown into jail for a very long time, and Peter was glad of it.

“I guess I still think of him as Mischief,” Peter said.

“Yeah, he’s that all right.”

“Oh, that’s right, you and he were close in age in school.”

“Yes, a year above me. He was in Cora’s grade, and they made friends with me, Isaac, and Erica.”

Peter nodded his head. All three of them worked at his restaurant. Erica’s seizures were mostly under control, but Peter had found a good job for her that she liked to do and wasn’t boring as well. Isaac was a wonderful dessert maker, and his attention to detail made him well sought after, but he wouldn’t ever leave the restaurant where Boyd and Erica were.

“And how is Isaac’s wooing of the youngest Argent going?”

Boyd laughed, but it was a good-natured one, so Peter figured that it was going well. Chris and his daughter Allison had moved into town to set up Argent Arms International there as a help to the community after what his father did. It was a boon to the community, and while many had not been happy about it, he had grown on the town. Especially after Noah had started to spend time with him and talk about the free weapons training that he gave to the Sheriff’s station and the Beacon Hills PD. Peter had been more than pleased with the man’s addition to the town. It had brought in a lot of jobs as warehouse workers and other things. Allison was following her father’s path and was in college for business so that she could help him run it when she graduated. Boyd, Erica, and Isaac were all in college at the time, but as it was summer and none of them were taking classes, they were working more than they normally did.

“So, are we all set up for today?” Peter asked.

“Yes. Jeremy sent me pictures, and the closing shift has finally learned how to do shit. I’ll be happy when Jean is back next week. I hate night shift, but I’m about to just say I’ll take it.”

“Jeremy needs to learn if he wants to step up as he talks about.” Peter knew that the young man wasn’t used to have responsibilities, but he needed to learn.

The restaurant came into view, and Peter looked at the front of Carinae and grinned. He had named it after the star that was also called Canopus. It was a good restaurant that, while a little on the pricey side, the food was well worth it to the locals. Peter never had a service where he didn’t have a full restaurant. He was happy with that.

“See you in a little while, Boss,” Boyd said after Peter got out and grabbed his things from the trunk.

Peter gave him a mock salute and headed around the back. Noah was sitting in his car in the back parking lot, looking like he was a step away from falling asleep.

“Good morning, Sheriff,” Peter said.

Noah nodded his head before opening up his eyes. He looked a little better with his eyes open. He wasn’t nearly as worn out looking. His eyes actually looked normal.

“I need the biggest pile of bacon in the world,” Noah said.

“Issues last night?” Peter unlocked the restaurant’s back door and turned off the alarm before waiting for Noah to slip up with him. He pushed the door inside of the junk room the door opened up into the open and held it there for Peter to slip through with his tea. The room wasn’t as much full of junk as it just as things that were not able to be stored anywhere else, like extra sidewalk signs for the specials. The themed ones, as well as the gear used to take care of the plants that hung around the front of the restaurant and the rarely used salt just in case winter, was bad enough that the sidewalk got slick. Peter called it a junk room because that’s what it was, but it was at least clean.

“Not so much issues, as Stiles is freaking out a little bit about coming home.”

“Why? He never has before. How long is he in town for?” Peter laid his things on the table just inside the door so that he could switch on all of the lights in the back part of the restaurant. He laid his papers down and spread them out so he could look at them and put them into some kind of order for what he needed to get started on. Noah wanted bacon so he could fry up all that was needed for the dishes for lunch at the same time. He needed a good bit for the bacon mac and cheese that he was doing as the main special. There wasn’t a lot of other stuff that needed to be really done after that, so he just focused on cooking Noah something to eat and something for himself for a mid-morning snack.

“Oh, you’ve not…I guess you and I haven’t talked as much.”

“I know that he was taken captive, and they called you after he had been found.”

“Yeah. He came online in the middle of being tortured, and he took the out clause. He wanted to come home. He’s going to get a degree at Beacon University and then join the department. I’ve barely got to talk to him. The Army is training him up on his senses before letting him loose into the world. That’s why he wasn’t discharged back in May when it happened. He’s good and level now, but he had a few issues with his Spirit Animal.”

“Really? Isn’t that strange?”

“Eh, it’s Stiles. His Spirit Animal has as much attitude as he does. I guess it wanted to stay out all of the time or something. Stiles was pretty vague about it all.”

“What is his Spirit Animal?” Peter felt a brush against his leg and looked down at Gurney. The European Hare was always around when Peter was cooking in the kitchen alone. It was something that he had learned to adapt to a long time ago. It was kind of cute, but he made it known that he didn’t like others getting anywhere close to him. There were only a few times that Gurney had attacked anyone, and they learned that he wasn’t just a fluffy bunny. There was a reason he was named Gurney.

“A fox? Stiles called him Demon Fox for a while, and I am still not sure what he means by that. He refuses to take pictures. He’ll have to for his record here at the department when he starts to work. He had been taking online classes already. It seemed to keep himself from going nuts while on deployments and stuff. He was given the assignments upfront and would listen to the lectures when he had a chance. He’s only got two years left at college before he graduates if he doesn’t make it shorter than that.”

“So, his ADHD didn’t go away?” Peter asked. He remembered how much trouble Stiles had gotten into at school when he was younger. He had been diagnosed as ADHD until it was figured out that he was borderline online and had been since a man had broken in the house when he had been a young boy and tried to attack him and his mother. He still kept the ADHD diagnosis, but he wasn’t really treated for it anymore since nothing really worked, but treating him like other ADHD students had helped him get focus and learn how to deal with his attention span and his moments of hyperness.

“Not until he came online, but even now he’s so used to it that he’s afraid with not a lot to help him focus, he’s doing to go crazy. So he’s working through the classes that he wants to sign up for, and there are a few that he can just test out of given his training in the Army. He’s been talking to his advisor for over a month.”

“When does he arrive back home?” Peter knew that Boyd said he was coming back but not when.

“Today. I was going to bring him by for lunch. It’s why I worked last night, so I could sleep this morning and then take him out as soon as he gets home. A buddy of his is picking him up in San Francisco and dropping off here. Well, at home.”

Peter nodded his head.

“What does he think of bacon in his mac and cheese?” Peter asked.

“As long as there are vegetables in there, he would love it. Especially if you made curly fries.”

Peter hummed and thought about changing up the side dishes for the day. Stiles deserved a nice welcome home, if for nothing more than who is father was.

Stiles looked around the area of town that he had his friend drop him off at. He knew that his father wasn’t working, was at home sleeping, but he had gotten a slightly earlier flight from New York to San Francisco, so he had been just taking his time, and he and Jeff had eaten before heading down to Beacon Hills. Stiles figured that no one was going to recognize him with his longer hair. He hadn’t been held to the standards of those on active duty for the last little while, so Stiles hadn’t cut his hair after waking up. He kind of liked the length of it. It was longer than any cut he had for a long while. The assignment he had been on had allowed for longer hair to help him fit into where they were working, but then he had been in the hands of terrorists for six weeks, and he hadn’t been given a cut in that time either. He was thinking of getting an undercut and leaving the top to where he could pull it into a top knot of sorts. He kind of liked the idea but wasn’t sure yet. The length wasn’t bothering his sense of touch on his neck, so he was leaving it for now.

A yip had Stiles looking at Thufir, and the fox was trotting ahead of him on the street. Stiles was pretty sure that he was the only one who could see him at the moment. After finally getting control of himself and that he wasn’t under threat, Thufir had allowed himself to leave their plane of existence instead of being there all the time. Still, he didn’t quite hide as much as Stiles was sure he should have. Stiles was in control, though, or he never would have been released by the military. The American Armed Forces made sure that the Sentinels that resigned from them were good to go before being allowed to become a civilian. Stiles was glad of it even it had meant that it was July before he had been able to come home.

“Hey, hot stuff, how much?” a voice asked.

Stiles stopped and turned to look at the Deputy in the cruiser that had pulled up beside him. He glared at her for a few seconds as she just stared at him. Then she jumped when Thufir jumped up on the hood of the car. He laughed as her partner started to laugh his ass off as well.

“That’s what you get. A face full of growling fox. He’s beautiful, Stiles,” Derek said as he slapped his sister on the shoulder.

Cora only responded by flipping off Thufir, which had him preening.

“Cora, meet Thufir.”

“Thumper?” Cora asked.

“I swear you are not smart enough to be called a Hale sometimes,” Derek said.

“Der,” Cora threatened.

“Thufir. It’s a character from the Dune book series. You know Stiles’ favorite books.”

“Oh, right, the one guy.” Cora turned to look at Stiles as Thufir jumped off the hood of the car and disappeared even from Stiles’ sight. “Want a ride?”

“Nah, I wanna see the town a little before I head home to grab dad for lunch. He’s taking me to Carinae. I’ve never made it in there to eat before now. He texted me that I was going to love the lunch that he had picked out for me. I’m a little scared that he’s going to get me back for all the years I made him eat healthily so I could keep him around when I was a teenager.”

“Nah, it’s Mac and cheese day there. It’s gonna be busy, so make sure you keep your levels down. Where is the rest of your stuff?” Cora eyed the bag that Stiles had slung over his shoulder.

“Shipping from my last place overseas. I stayed over there for my training as when they tried to fly me out the first time after I came out of my feral drive, I couldn’t do it. So they dropped me in a base there and shipped my stuff to me. It’ll be here in a week. I’m used to living out of this, though, so it’s not like I’m gonna go without too much.”

“Why don’t we drop that off at the house? You might attract a little less attention without it on you,” Derek offered.

“Sure.” Stiles walked over to the cruiser and opened the back door and dropped his bag inside. He dug out his wallet and keys before slipping them into his jeans. “So the best tea in town?”

“Ugh, can’t get it right now as it’s closed for a renovation but stop by Carinae. They opened a little while ago, and it’s on your way home. They do mocktails this early in the day, and they have a good coffee machine. Have them make you a London Fog. I think you’ll like it,” Cora said.

“Sure thing.” Stiles tapped on the top of the cruiser, and the two Hales pulled away.

The mental map of Beacon Hills told Stiles exactly how he had to move through the town to hit Carinae. He had seen it a lot of times when he was wandering through town, but it had always been busy as hell, and when he was back on leave, he hated being bothered, so he had his father had never eaten there. He looked at the time to see that it was just past ten. That was early for a place like that to open, but he trusted Cora that she wasn’t fucking with him.

Beacon Hills wasn’t nearly as dead as it would have been a few hours before. The businesses that opened at eight or nine were busy with their customers. The town was full of life, and he loved it. This was his home, and he was glad to be back. That piece of himself that had been itching to get back was finally silent. He inhaled and exhaled, taking in the new scents he had never smelled before. The scent of the Preserve was in his nose, and he itched to walk it. He pushed that away, though. That would come later. Probably tomorrow. He could wake up and head that way for his morning run. He could probably spend the whole day in the Preserve. He needed to ask if that was okay with the Hales. He knew that Cora and Derek wouldn’t mind, but Talia or Peter might. He would have his father call.

Carinae had a few people standing outside of it talking. They had cups in their hands that had the stylized Triskellion on it that Stiles knew was the family symbol for the Hales. After college, Peter coming back to Beacon Hills and getting his law degree and opening up a restaurant had been a bit of gossip for the longest time. Peter had taken two years to get everything correct before he opened its doors. Stiles had been brought back food from there, but he had never eaten inside of it.

One of the people at the doors smiled at Stiles and opened up the door and ushered him inside.

“Stiles, I didn’t know you were back in town,” Erica Reyes said from where she was standing behind the bar at the back of the room. Stiles looked around and took in everything before she smiled at her.

“Just got back in. So I was told that I needed to have a London Fog. How exactly do you guys make it?” Stiles walked up to the bar and settled on a stool.

“Just steamed milk and tea. Vanilla on request. I brew the tea up fresh every morning and add it, and it’s steamed with the milk. We use specific pots for it so that the tea doesn’t color the milk’s taste for Sentinels when we steam milk for standard lattes.”

“So why does a restaurant serve as a coffee shop?” Stiles asked.

“Well, I like bar-tending, and we make everything from scratch we do a few mocktails this early for those who want something that’s not coffee or tea for their mornings. So while I’m making up everything for lunch and dinner in the restaurant to be used, we decided to open up for coffee and tea. The best shop in town in on the other side, so it wasn’t like we were taking business from them and the places around here are happy. We don’t have too many rushes so I can still get my work done and out of here while also serving coffee and tea.”

“That sounds like a good job for you.”

“Yeah. I also make a few sauces and syrups up for desserts at the same time, so it helps Isaac.”

“Ah, so all three of you work here?”

“Yup. Boyd’s one of the Sous Chefs, and Isaac does all of the desserts.”

“I’m glad you guys are all being taken care of.” Stiles took a deep breath now that he was used to the scents of the place, and he smelled his father and another scent that he really liked. “Does my dad eat here a lot?”

“I’m not sure that I want to answer that.” Erica was grinning as she poured milk and very dark looking tea from a pitcher.

“I can smell him, so I know he comes here.”

“Smell him…holy shit.”

“Yeah.” Stiles nodded his head.

“Well then to answer that question, yes he does but usually only for breakfast. He comes in when Peter is prepping food for the lunch service, and he has Peter make him breakfast before he heads home.”

Stiles nodded his head in response and listened to the prep that was happening in the kitchen. He could smell the food as it was being cooked. It smelled great. He looked at the menu that was on the bar.

“Dad’s bringing me here for lunch in a little while.”

“I’m glad. He said he’s tried to get you in here for a while. It’s gonna be a good set of food. I heard him talking before he ran to the store to get a few things that he was going to do a special side.”

“Yeah, I see that on the list here. It actually says surprise, which I’m kind of shocked about. He always seemed so anal-retentive.”

“He can, but he said he had a conversation with someone, and it inspired him. He had good ideas, but I’m glad that he has Boyd and a few others to turn them into meals that work.”

Stiles laughed and eyed the drink that Erica set down in front of him. He picked it up and found that it was a lower temp than drinks were after being steamed.

“Kids temp. We have more than a few Sentinels that get them. If they are taking them somewhere like to the station, then I do normally. For drinking right now, I do kid temp.”

“Thanks.” Stiles pulled out his wallet, and he saw the look that she gave him, so he pulled a ten out and dropped it into the tip jar. Erica grinned at him. “I’ll see you for lunch?”

“Yeah, I’ll be tending the bar, and then we do drinks again in the afternoon after we shut down from lunch rush. Until four and then, it’s prepping fully for dinner service.” Erica leaned over the bar and pressed a kiss to his cheek. She rubbed at the lipstick that she left and grinned before waving him away.

Stiles shook his head as he gave her a little wave and then turned to leave. The crowd that had been outside was gone, and Stiles was glad of it. He slipped out the door and looked at the businesses that were around. It looked like Beacon Hills was still going through the surge of new businesses, and he was pleased. Beacon University moving from the other side of the county to here after a huge fault line opened up and made the ground unstable had brought a lot of new things here. The housing market had boomed, and now with students and teachers, it was a good place to live again. With the college came things that Beacon Hills had never had before that catered to students, so Stiles was glad of that.

The walkthrough town took a little time, but he was fine with that. The London Fog was kind of perfect. Erica did well as making up the tea. The lavender in it didn’t overpower the bergamot or the black tea, but kind of sat there and helped boost them up. Stiles still loved the smell of coffee, but it was a taste that he couldn’t do unless there was a lot of cream and sugar, and then there was no coffee taste anymore, so he just stopped drinking it.

Tea had been Stiles’ saving grace. He found that he could drink almost every single variety that he had come across, save for one. Any tea that had lapsang souchong. The smoke that was dried into the tea was too much. He was okay with that, though, as he didn’t figure that he would like every single one. That tea though, reminded Stiles of war a little too much and coming on villages burned.

Woodbine Land was just as sleepy as it always seemed when Stiles turned onto it. A few people through town had waved at him, but Stiles knew that they thought they should know him. However, they hadn’t been able to place him. When Stiles was a block down the road, he heard barking and new that his favorite resident of Woodbine Lane recognized him.

“Hello, Turtle,” Stiles said as he crouched down to greet the dog. She had been just two when Stiles had left four years ago. Her coloring reminded Stiles of a turtle candy with the swirls of three different shades of brown, and her owner had heard him call her a turtle, and it had stuck.

“Stiles!” Margie yelled before she came running at him.

Stiles let her pull him into a hug.

“How long are you home for?”

“Home to stay.”

“Oh, no. Did you get medically discharged?” Margie looked up him up and down.

“No, nothing like that. I took the Sentinel out clause. I came online during combat.” Stiles had practiced that as he didn’t want to go into the longer details of why he had come online. It wasn’t for anyone to know except those that did.

“Gonna join your Dad?” Margie was smiling again.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Margie laughed and shoved at him before waving him on. “Come and pick up Turtle for a run or two in the Preserve. Your father takes him out sometimes. He’ll enjoy going with you again.”

“I will. Maybe even tomorrow. Need me to holler in?”

“No. Just take him and go.”

Stiles nodded and headed to home. He was happy to be back.

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