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Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale

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Sentinel Stiles Stilinski was coming home after being discharged from the military. He had done his time, now all he wanted to do was settle into life at the Sheriff's Department with his father. Then he meets Guide Peter Hale.

Part 4

Peter knew that Stiles was no stranger to sex. Noah had been more than willing to discuss the things that he had found his son getting up to with his friends in high school. The shell he had been in after his mother’s death hadn’t lasted long at all with people like Jackson Whittemore, Danny Māhealani, and Lydia Martin being his friends. He looked at the way that Stiles was looking at him, drinking in the sight of him with his eyes. Peter was pretty sure that Stiles had learned the scent and probably the sound of him already, but Peter wanted it all.

Stiles stripped him slowly, taking his time to caress every inch of skin that was revealed, with his eyes, his fingers, and then to torture Peter, his tongue. Stiles was a great conversationalist, but Peter wanted to keep his tongue’s other abilities to himself. There was nothing that Peter could do to control his orgasm, and he didn’t want to. He wanted to feel that forever. The clench of his muscles and then feel of flying that came right after as his Guide abilities unlocked a little more from the tight lid that was had on them. He brushed up against Stiles’ mind as the younger man finally started to strip himself since Peter was naked.

Peter didn’t move at all, he knew that Stiles was holding onto himself to not glut himself in all ways. After the strip that Peter had endured, he knew that Stiles’ last three senses were primed on Peter. Peter had been thoroughly touched and tasted. The look of him though, had been taken in just as easily.

Stiles walked around the edge of the bed and opened up the drawer that had Peter’s lube. He wasn’t shocked that Stiles knew exactly which drawer it was. It wasn’t like he was trying to hide it. The smell was probably all over the outside of it, it and the smell of Peter when he was aroused. Stiles cocked his head to the side as he took in Peter lying where he had left him on the bed. Peter wanted to know what was going through his head, but he wasn’t sure if breaking this silent spell they were in was a good idea.

Reaching out, Peter felt that Stiles was in total control. He wasn’t anywhere near snapping, despite how much Peter could feel he wanted to just jump on the bed.

“My best friend in grade school was someone who I hated for a while. He was a little asshole who tried to punish the world for him being adopted. Or his parents not telling him as early as he felt they should have. He came online as a Sentinel pretty early, an issue with a huge fight with his girlfriend, and then she was mugged. I always knew that she was a Guide who was just on the edge of coming online, and in the wake of that attack, not only did she come online and pretty much but the guy into a coma defending herself, her boyfriend and his best friend both came online as well. They have a very, very weird three-person relationship that I don’t ask a lot about. They are all in the New Haven area since their schools are all in that area. Anyway, I was safe. Jackson’s Sentinel side never saw an issue with me. The crush I had on Lydia was short and fleeing because she knew that she was gonna marry Jackson one day. I made sure that Jackson never treated her like shit. Anyway, the big thing about that is that I know that there are some that Sentinels feel can be touchy with their Guides, but I’m…I am not built like that. I mean, your family is very, very different but other people.”

Peter held out his hand, and Stiles slipped his into it. Tugging on the hand, Peter guided Stiles up to where he was straddling his thighs. “I don’t let people touch me. The ones that get away with small, simple touches are those at work when I’m on a line—a hand on my shoulder when they are moving past me. There are too many people in there and the way that it sounds, it caused issues when we all declared when we were moving behind someone with sharps or hot things. So they call it now and touch just as they get behind someone. It’s always shoulder, though. Of course, we brushed against each other when reaching for things. I rarely shake hands with people as they don’t like to wash hands when they should.”

“Those are fine. I mean, it’s standard, and I can smell it on you even now, but the scents are so muddled that I would be fine. It’s not touching with intention. It’s those that I don’t think I can do. I can’t…I can’t share you.”

“Is that what Jackson does with his two Guides?”

“Oh, he has no issue with watching Danny and Lydia cuddling, but Danny’s gay. Lydia and Danny have a very platonic relationship. But Jackson can’t stand someone touching Lydia that isn’t Danny or me. Probably because he knows that I don’t have feelings for her like that. I don’t know.” Stiles looked Peter up and down for a few seconds before tossing the lube up toward the pillow and slipped off him.

Peter watched Stiles as he figured out what he wanted. There was a look of deep concentration on his face.

“I can feel you, at the edges of my mind. I want to feel that more before we go further.”

Peter sat up as Stiles sat down at the head of the bed. When Peter was settled his calves hanging off the bed, Stiles laid down himself, putting himself on display. Peter took his time drawing his legs up on the bed and moving to straddle his Sentinel. He leaned down, rubbing his nose over Stiles’ neck. He wasn’t going to lick Stiles’ neck again, but he was tempted. Peter knew that there wasn’t going to be a Sentinel that didn’t know that he was Stiles’ after this. He just really hoped that no one in the family put a stink about it.

Stiles tensed, and Peter sat up again. Stiles moved, sliding under Peter and getting off the bed. Stiles stalked out of the room, moving not only like a Sentinel but a trained fighter like he was. That thrilled Peter more than it should. He had always had a bit of a danger kink. He blamed his entire family on that. They had been Sentinels and Guides since the first had been recorded. They had moved round the world for a while before settling in Beacon Hills when it was founded. This town, this area was as much anyone else’s as it was theirs. It was why Talia and Gregory had thing finger in it. It was why Gerard Argent had wanted to control it. It was assumed that Derek would take over years from now when Noah retired as the Sheriff of the county and probably ascend to the leader of the area for Sentinels and Guides. Peter wasn’t so sure about that anymore.

Peter got up and followed Stiles until he found him looking down at the road. Peter stepped behind him, twitching the curtains open just a little more to be able to see what was going on. Then he saw the cruiser turn in the cul-de-sac. He couldn’t see who it was as they were too far back and the number was too small.

“Derek,” Stiles said.

“Ah. Probably checking on us.”

The car stopped, and Stiles snorted.

“Tell my father he can come and check himself,” Stiles said. He closed the curtain and turned around to face Peter. They were still so very close to each other, and it was something that Peter loved. He laid his hand on Stiles’ hip and pulled him just that little bit closer, nuzzling at his neck before he inhaled. His senses weren’t nearly as strong as Stiles’, but there was still a scent to him that Peter loved.

Peter snorted. He figured that Noah had set the deputies patrolling around on a check on the area since they were technically in their bonding period. If something was going to go wrong, it was going to be now. Not that Stiles would hurt him or Peter would hurt Stiles, but anyone else who felt like they had a claim on Peter, or even Stiles would come out now. The area hadn’t had a challenge to bonding in over a decade, but with Stiles’ luck, it would happen to them. He started to walk backward, and Stiles began to push slightly. It was a push and pull all the way back to the bed before Stiles shoved Peter down onto it.

There were only seconds for Peter to move, and he did, grabbing Stiles and showing that he had his own strength. He put Stiles on his back. Stiles went willingly, submitting to Peter in a way that showed just how much Stiles trusted him at the moment. Stiles reached up and cupped the side of Peter’s face, his fingers tracing the edge of his jaw.

“What do you want?” Peter asked.

“I wanna feel you on my body. Know what it feels like. Learn it so that I would know it even asleep.” Stiles closed his eyes, and his body went limp.

Peter started at his forehead, placing a chaste kiss there and leaving his scent as well but brushing his cheek over his temple. He moved down Stiles’ body, touching and kissing. Peter thinned his shields around his mind a little more with each pass of fingers on skin. It felt good to him, opening up slowly to his Sentinel. There had been literature given to him by the facility where he had gone to back at college to learn everything that he needed to not be a burden on the world around him. Sanitized journals that were from one of the first Sentinel and Guide pair to give up information that was more concrete on how they had found each other and how they had built a life together. It had taught Peter more about how to treat his Sentinel if he found one than the other information he had been given. Training had been simple for someone like Peter.

“Now what?” Peter asked as he leaned back between Stiles’ spread legs when his exploration of Stiles’ body was done.

“Now you are going to come up here and lay down, and I’m going to prep you,” Stiles said as he sat up and moved to the side, the lube in his hand. Peter hadn’t even seen him going for it. He did as Stiles said, and as soon as he spread his legs, Stiles was there. The heat of him was a brand against his legs. There was no wait time at all, and then there were fingers pressing into him. Peter was so relaxed and used to it that he felt nothing really other than the pleasure of Stiles being inside of him. Stiles’ fingers were warm, despite how hot Peter. It was like now that they were moving on this, he could feel his arousal. “Second to last taste to settle.”

Peter wasn’t sure what Stiles was talking about until he felt lips on the tip of his cock. The kiss was barely there before the lips were sliding down his cock. Peter thrust up into his mouth, and between that feel, his shields wrapping around the both of them, and Stiles’ fingers finding his prostate; Peter was gone. He came, grabbing the bed with one hand and the back of Stiles’ head with the other. He felt the pure pleasure that Stiles was feeling at tasting his release that Peter didn’t worry about not warning him. The finger inside of his pulled out before going back in with more lube. Peter used the hand on Stiles’ head to pull him up. Stiles moved up, his tongue sliding up Peter’s belly and then chest before he kissed Peter.

The shields that he had control of slipped all the way, and Peter felt their bond flare hard and fast in his mind. He felt the quiet contentment that Stiles was feeling from being there with Peter. The happiness that he had for finding Peter. There was nothing left to do but ride the wave for Peter, binding them together so that nothing could tear them apart. It was instinct, the bonding. There were couples that Peter knew were pushed to the edge of feral to be able to bond on the level that Peter could feel Stiles was pushing into it. They were so in control of their lives that giving up anything meant breaking themselves down. Peter felt none of that as he let Stiles see all that he was, and he saw all that Stiles was. There was nothing left to show each other.

As Stiles pushed inside of him, the feel of slick lube gave way to the heat of his body, and where there was only Peter in his mind, there was another person burning brightly. Stiles became a shield that stopped everything but what Peter wanted to get through. He felt the pull and followed Stiles back into his mind. Peter felt the feralness that hovered at the back of Stiles’ mind as he had done what was needed to avenge his team. Peter showed Stiles everything he had felt when he had found out that plans that Kate Argent had for the family, but most especially Derek. They were two people who would burn the world for their family and anyone they called a friend.

Peter kept on kissing Stiles, even though they were long past the point where either of them was doing it well. What mattered was the bond, laying each other just as bare as their skin was. Peter pushed until no recess of Stiles’ mind wasn’t claimed by him, and Stiles did the same just like he was claiming Peter’s body.

Orgasm slammed into Peter, and he couldn’t hold back the last bit of his mind, and the world whited out.

Stiles felt safe and warm for the first time in what felt like his entire life, but he knew that he had felt like this when his mother had been alive and even in the wake of her death when his father told him that he still had him. He felt good. His mind hummed with the feel of the bond, and even though Peter wasn’t in bed with him, he could feel that he was close by. Somewhere in the house. Stiles let his hearing open up a little and heard the sound of flickering flame and sizzling. Peter was cooking breakfast.

The bed moved, and Stiles looked down to see Thufir on the bed with his body stretched in where Stiles knew Peter had slept. Then the pillow that Stiles was on started to shake.

Stiles laughed. It was Gurney, and he was scratching or something. Spirit Animals were rarely fully corporeal, but right now, they were both still kind of riding the high of the bond, so they were more in-person in the world than they normally would be. Stiles reached up and snagged Gurney around the neck and pulled him down to cuddle him. If he couldn’t get Peter, this would work. The smell of cooking meat started to fill the bedroom, and Stiles knew that soon he would be getting up and heading down to see what the food situation was. He saw a stack of clothes there on the foot of the bed just below where Thufir was acting like he was sleeping. He smiled as it was some of Peter’s clothes. The soft vibration of a phone had Stiles looking around. He found his cell phone on the bedside stand, beside the bottle of lube. Stiles grabbed his phone and checked the time. It was just about dinner time.

Bonding sometimes took a long time, and time was always relative when it passed for those bonding anyway. Stiles felt a brush of Peter over his mind, and he allowed the brush and then the affection that came after. It was like Peter had always been in his mind. He remembered meeting him when he was younger. Peter hadn’t been that much older, really not to someone like Stiles who spent more time around adults than he did other kids. Other than his five close friends, no one really liked him. He and Jackson had become friends because of their fathers and the jobs that they had. Danny and Lydia had tagged along with that, and Cora had been a force of nature that hadn’t allowed Stiles to be anything but her friend. Though, now Stiles wasn’t sure what the Hales thought about Peter bonding with someone who was the same age as one of his nieces. It was only a decade, but there were still those in the world who didn’t like age gaps.

Looking at the text, Stiles saw that it was his father telling him that he was on his way over and was going to leave Stiles’ bag that he had arrived with on the front porch so that Stiles could have his things with him. Stiles felt a little bad as he had been looking forward to living with his father for a little while before he found a place to live because he wasn’t living in the dorms at the university. Though he guessed that once school started in September, it wasn’t going to matter where he was living. His father and Peter got along well enough that Stiles hoped that maybe his father felt good enough to come here to hang sometimes.

Stiles heard the vehicle pulling onto the end of the road, and he let go of Gurney to get his clothes on. He walked down the stairs and to the front door, opening it as his father got out of his SUV. He looked up at Stiles, shocked.

“How are you feeling?” Noah asked as he opened up the back hatch to get the bag out. There was a second bag with it, and Stiles figured that it was the clothes that he had started in the wash.

“Predatory as hell right now, but you are good to come in.” Stiles grabbed the bags from his father and stepped back to allow him to set foot in the house. Noah eyed him as he stepped foot inside but kept on going right back to the kitchen.

Peter had a pot of tea on the table already as well as place settings for all three of them. Stiles walked up to Peter and laid his hands on his hips and nuzzled at his neck. He kissed his neck.

“Dinner smells great.”

“Meat and potatoes. How could it go wrong?” Noah asked.

Stiles laughed and grabbed a few of the dishes of food while Peter grabbed the last and the utensils needed to dip it all up. Noah poured out three cups of the tea, it smelled like something fruity. “Did you make herbal?”

“Yes. We had a nap, but I still don’t want either of us wired. We might not have to be anywhere the next few days, but I don’t want to get too out of whack on my sleeping schedule.”

“Yes, Dear,” Stiles said. He looked at Peter to see the man narrow his eyes as him. Stiles grinned and pressed his leg to Peter’s. The contact was good, even if it was clothed. He reached out and grabbed the first dish to get his portion out of it before handing it to his father. They worked their way through all of the food that way. The spice level on everything was good for Stiles. He figured that Peter had learned easily how to not overwhelm the palate of a Sentinels. He had heard the customers the day before telling the wait staff if they were online and what their issue spices were. It seemed like it was kind of routine. Stiles had a few issues with stronger spices, but none of them were ones that he smelled in too much quantity in the food he had smelled coming out of the kitchen. It wasn’t the best way to do things, but Stiles would rather ask them to remake than to drop something out of the meal that he liked just in case they got too heavy. It had worked for him at a few places he had been at before he had been released back to civilian life. HE had pissed off so many of the people who had tried to train him the way that others were trained. He had to explain that it hadn’t worked for anyone else and let him learn independently. It had worked out best.

“I also wanted to talk to you, Stiles,” Noah said when they were done eating.

Stiles was at the sink, rinsing the plates off and then sticking them into the dishwasher. There were a few other things in there, so Stiles figured that Peter did a load when it was full. Which since he was alone and probably ate most meals at work, it was understandable not wanting to let the dishes just sit in the sink. He finished that up and turned around to face his father.

“I have a new opening now.”

“I want to finish college.”

“I know that you do, but I can get you into the rapid program and get that done before school starts up. Then we can have you working as a desk officer while you are in school. Longer when needed and sometimes out in the field if the need arises. It’s just a modified plan of what we would have had you doing.”

“It’s because I’m bonded, isn’t it?” Stiles asked.

“Yes. We actually don’t have many bonded Sentinels in the county, and there is special approval for someone to come in and work like that while they are adjusting. I slipped the paperwork into your bag. It’s on the top. Talk it over with Peter. He would only be needed in classes with you one to two days a week. I’m sure that we can figure something out. You are high enough level that you don’t need a Guide with you on the job, but he’ll have to go through some training on his own with them to make sure that he can handle you if you are stressed on the job. It’ll run you right up to school starting on the training.”

Stiles nodded his head. He knew that his father was stressed with a lot of things for and having Stiles working with him would help to settle him down some. Stiles could work on the evidence of some of the cases quicker if he did this. He wanted it. He knew that he didn’t do with sitting well at all, and while he had plans for the summer, to get to know Beacon Hills again, he could do that with Peter on the weekends and after training. He could do this if he wanted. Stiles wasn’t going to make a decision about anything before he talked to Peter, though. All of this affected him, and Peter had a solid life. Stiles wasn’t sure how much he was needed at the restaurant in a cooking capacity. The scents of the restaurant were faded on him after they had cleaned up after they had bonded. It was more than enough to discuss over the next few days.


“I would need to know by Sunday night to get you into classes on Monday.”

Stiles nodded his head. “You’ll know Friday.”

“Okay. I was going to wait until Friday to talk to you about this, but you invited me. I figured you wouldn’t dig too far into your bag since I pulled all of your clothes out of the dryer. Call me if you need. I’m not working until tomorrow morning. I’m going home and probably passing out.”

Stiles pushed off the sink and walked over to give his father a huge hug. He felt Peter’s hand on his back, and it had him pull back. He felt that tension creeping into his mind, it was muffled, though. It seemed he was at the end of what he would allow for someone who wasn’t them in their home. He had lasted longer than he thought. Stiles watched his father leave and followed him to the door. He turned the alarm back on when his father was down the street.

“I knew exactly what I was getting into, Stiles. I could have pushed it away. It’s not like there is only one Sentinel for me. So point blank, yes or no, do you want to start there Monday?” Peter asked.

“Yes. I’m…” Stiles pulled Peter into his arms there, and he enjoyed the feel of the man in them. They were of even height, and Peter had muscle on him; it wasn’t anywhere near what Stiles had on his person due to his training, but he was fit. They could probably spar enough to give Stiles a good workout. “I don’t do well with nothing to do. I figure that this had been my dad’s plan anyway because he knows me. Did you know that I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid? It was a little while before they realized that it was more that I was latent. Even in kids, there are those that other Sentinels and Guides just know are going to come online at some point. For a while, they thought I was going to be a Guide, I mothered the hell out of everyone. I mean, it got so bad at one point that a few of my classmates tried to make fun of me by calling me Mama Stilinski. Jackson beat the shit out of them. It was quite entertaining from the standpoint of me here and now.”

Peter laughed at that, and he looked up at Stiles with a brighter smile on his lips. “I’ve met him a few times. I know that he’s a good Sentinel, once he came online. Your father has never said a bad word about him even though he does curse his name.”

“Well, I got into a lot of shit growing up, and he was never able to figure out if it was me dragging Jackson into it or Jackson dragging me. For the record, it’s about fifty-fifty.” Stiles started to walk toward the living room, pulling Peter along with him. He pushed Peter down onto the couch and then laid on top of him. He laid his head over Peter’s heart.

“Tell me about them,” Peter said.

Stiles started to tell him how he met every single one of his friends, starting with Jackson and being forced to play with him because of politics as Stiles put it and then going down to how he met Cora. It was a long tale, and Stiles felt his eyes dropping as he got to the end of it, but he wasn’t ready for bed just yet.

“Cora told me once about a woman you met when you were younger. How you actually got a lawyer from a local firm to sue her family for defamation of character.”

Peter laughed.

“Well, that is kind of what happened. Cora was at the time, and she was sued for trying to get me thrown in jail when I was seventeen. I was a minor, but she was an adult. It’s not nearly as entertaining, but the thing is that she didn’t know I was seventeen. I was already in college due to graduating high school early. My school mates were not nearly as fun as yours, and I just focused on classes so I could get out of there early. Freshman year, I tested out of nearly every single math class as math was always easy for me, and I self-taught myself most of it. From there, it was easy to throw in other classes from sophomore year in English and social studies so that I could get those over and done with as well. I worked hard on learning the sciences, and by the time that I hit sophomore year, I tested out of the ones that I would need to take except for one. o threw in more classes and tested out o fa few others. Once I passed the test for them, I got the credits the way that the school was set up at the time. So I graduated two years early from high school with more than enough passing credits. Colleges were interested in me after that because everyone wants a genius. I picked the best for the law. I do love law and everything to do with it, but by the time that I passed the bar, I lost my love to want to practice it. I cooked for stress relief and had taken a few classes here and there in business management when I had the holes in my pre-law track.”

“What happened with the lady?” Stiles asked.

“Well, she thought I was an adult, and she was just recently an adult as well. She didn’t try anything sexually with me but thought that I was going to be held to some weird as hell contract that she thought she could trick me into signing. Of course, I was a minor, and I didn’t sign my name but my father’s. It was fun.”

Stiles shook his head and liked the way that it changed Peter’s scent from laughter to contentment. He could get used to this.

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