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Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale

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Sentinel Stiles Stilinski was coming home after being discharged from the military. He had done his time, now all he wanted to do was settle into life at the Sheriff's Department with his father. Then he meets Guide Peter Hale.

Part 5

Peter wiped his hands on the towel that he had over his shoulder and waited for Stiles to approach him. He felt the hands on his hips before he felt anything else. The hands were firm and solid, squeezing tightly for a few seconds before sliding to where they were pressed to his belly, pulling him back into Stiles’ arms more. He tipped his head to the side and allowed Stiles to brush his lips on his neck before his nose found the area of skin right behind his hear. He could feel the slight shaking of Stiles’ body, but he said nothing.

The door on the far side of the kitchen opened up, and Peter saw that it was Derek who came in. He was smiling, but it was a forced one. Peter had felt Stiles’ mental pain over their bond, but every single time he had pushed mentally to ask if Stiles wanted him, he was pushed away. Stiles liked to protect him from some of the worst cases that he worked, stating that Peter didn’t need some of those images in his head, and Peter was kind of glad of it. The stuff that he had worked with Stiles during training had been enough to give him minor nightmares. Though, the only bright side was that Peter’s night sweats had stopped.

Though, Peter had figured out after a week of Stiles living with him that it was because Stiles wasn’t waking up in sweats anymore. He had seen it in the file that Stiles had with him that was supposed to be given to his father as his show of being prepared for civilian life. Stiles had given it to Peter instead. Peter hadn’t freaked out about finding out that they were connected from the moment that Stiles had come online. Hell, Peter had woken up from a night of good sleep and hadn’t bee able to go back the day that Stiles had come online. Given how interconnected they both were on the family front, Peter hadn’t been shocked. There were those that had connections like that, and it wasn’t that much of an oddity.

“Need pie?” Peter asked when the nose went away from his skin.

Stiles just nodded his head. The rest of the kitchen staff was ignoring him. It was Saturday, which meant that Stiles was working a few hours on actual patrol duty with Derek, and they stopped in if needed to get lunch before Stiles went back to working the desk at the station and working on homework. He worked a few hours each day right after classes ended, then a full ten-hour shift of Saturdays with four hours of that on patrol, and then the other six working the desk. Sunday, he was off, no matter what. He usually had his school work done before that, so it wasn’t that odd to find him either with Peter at Carinae either watching him work and he working ahead on homework in a corner in the kitchen or out front where he drank more tea than he probably should.

“He’s off,” Derek said.

“He’s still got several hours.”

“Yeah. I’m off as well. The call-out that we got was…very bad. We’ve both got meetings with a psychologist on Monday. Sheriff’s orders and we were told that if we tried to skip, he was gonna lock us in a cell, and the meeting with her would happen there in holding.”

Peter wasn’t going to ask. He didn’t like to. There were times that Derek and Stiles wanted to talk about cases, and there were times that they didn’t. Derek’s words meant that he didn’t want to, so Peter left it alone.

“Well, I think that Isaac just pulled some peach crumb pies out of the oven. If you are good and go sit, I’ll get you both a slice or two each.

“Two,” Stiles said.

“Okay, dearest,” Peter said. He turned his head to press a kiss to whatever skin he could get. Stiles only let him go when Peter tapped at his hand.

Stiles and Derek were both still in uniform with guns attached. Peter loved the look of his Sentinel in his uniform, but now was not the time to think about those things. Still, Peter was pretty sure that his pants were tighter than he needed to wear them. Stiles was still just as built as he had been when he had come home, the small gym that they had built into the basement was enough to keep him in fighting form as he called it. Stiles only needed four hours of sleep if he slept the whole night through, which he was finally settled into. New in town and a new house meant that his sleeping had been interrupted when something new made a sound around the house. Still, he had adapted well, and now a month into his classes at the college, Stiles was finally on a very even keel when it came to his senses.

The bond between them pulsed with vibrancy, and it helped to settle Peter. Just being around Peter in the restaurant was enough for Stiles most days. Their routine was pretty set in stone now.

Peter heard the steamer wand start up on the espresso machine, and he laughed a little as he walked over to where Isaac was cutting into a peach pie. He just it into fourths instead of the standard eighths before he dished up all four onto plates. He tugged one toward himself and then pushed the other three across to Peter.

“Thanks, Isaac.”

“Yeah. Just…” Isaac looked at where Derek and Stiles were probably sitting on the other side of the wall and shook his head.

“I will.” Peter brushed his fingers over Isaac’s cheek. The young man wasn’t a Guide, but he was sensitive in many ways. He snagged the three plates and slipped out into the front of the house. They weren’t open for lunch yet, but Erica was busy with drinks. Well, it looked like she was busy with drinks for Stiles and Derek. She was grinning as she made Derek a coffee, but it looked like Stiles had gone for iced for his standard drink.

“Asshole,” Stiles said when Erica set down Derek’s coffee on the table.

“Hey, you can Mexican, and I can’t,” Derek pointed out.

Stiles grinned and nodded his head. His eyes were still not as vibrant as they normally were, but it was good enough for Peter to know that he was getting a little better.

Time healed that kind of stuff for Sentinels, but working in the job that they did, it would take longer as the case needed to be closed out, and then if there was someone alive to prosecute, they would be called into court. Stiles was built for this though, he had the support of his father and his years working the job to help build on. Stiles had also learned well how to deal after seeing his father doing the same when he was younger.

“Here,” Peter said as he stepped up to the table. He set the three plates down before going behind the bar to grab three forks. He snagged a cup that was sitting there with his name on it before he walked over to sit down. Stiles, though stood up as he got close tot eh table. Peter smiled and sat down in the chair that Stiles had been in before he sat down in Peter’s lap. Peter rubbed his nose over Stiles’ neck and enjoyed the feel of him in his lap. He wrapped his arm around Stiles’ stomach before he started to dig into his pie.

Derek’s was already mostly gone. The man had a sweet tooth a mile wide when it came to pie, and if Peter had handed over a whole one, he could easily eat the whole thing.

“Have you guys ate lunch?” Peter asked.

“Nah, too early. I was gonna grab a salad and take it home to eat it when I felt like it. Stiles was gonna just eat leftovers, he said.” Derek looked up at Stiles like he was afraid that he had given up something that Stiles didn’t want him to.

“We have that casserole in the fridge,” Peter said.

“Ah,” Derek said.

“What it’s good!” Stiles said.

Peter was glad that they had finally got him to say something. When he was quiet, it wasn’t good.

The door opening drew Peter’s eyes to the door, and he saw that it was Noah, who had Stiles’ school backpack in one hand and his clothes one in the other. Peter laughed at the look of betrayal that there was no slice of pie for him. The doors to the back opened up, and Isaac was there with his slice of pie and another in his hand for Erica. He looked at the Sheriff and looked like a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Sheriff, peach or brambleberry?”

“Berry,” Noah answered.

Isaac walked over and dropped Erica’s slice on the table for the Noah before wandering back into the kitchen. He came out a minute later with another slice for Erica. He slid it across the bar to her before dropping into a seat that allowed him to look at everyone at the table.

“Smells fresh,” Noah said.

“Just out of the oven. They are for the lunch crowd. They are getting pie today. I’m working on little tarts for dinner. The dough is setting up in the fridge right now.”

“What kind of tarts?”

“Seven kinds. Check the website for the list,” Isaac said. He gave Noah a little glare, and the man just laughed.

“You are getting better at that, kid,” Noah said before he dug into his pie.

Isaac nodded his head.

“Better at what?” Stiles asked. He was looking between Isaac and his father.

“All of the desserts are up on the website. I change the header at the top to show what I am making for that day. Each desert is described in detail. I used to spend so much time going over it all when everything is there. It’s the tool we use to train the wait staff so that they can give an accurate description. I also list known allergens in each one.”

“There is also a listing for the foods that Karen can’t eat.” Erica sounded a little put out at that.

“Karen?” Stiles asked Peter.

Peter pressed a kiss to Stiles’ head before he started to talk.

“Karen is a regular who has been found to have a very interesting stomach. She can’t eat sour cream but is okay with pretty much every single other dairy product. So there is a little symbol that I made for her, and it’s added to the start of every dish across the whole of the menu that she can’t eat.

“Oh, it’s the palm tree!” Stiles said.

“Yes. She found out that she was having issues with it when she was on a trip to Florida. It was easy to do that as we don’t put it in much, but it does go in a few of Isaac’s desserts. There are a couple that Isaac has gotten Greek Yogurt to work in, so he’s been slowly moving to that just because it’s just as easy and Greek Yogurt is coming own in price to match sour cream, and sometimes I can get it for cheaper. It doesn’t always work in the main dishes, but Boyd is trying. There are a few that Karen likes that are on the main menu that she’s happy to try again.”

Stiles hummed in answer and dug into his pie again before snagging his tea and taking a drink of it. He slipped back into Peter’s hold more and just enjoyed being right there. Peter could feel his contentment through their bond. He figured that Stiles was going to hang here for the rest of the day. The table that Peter usually sat at would work for him to settle down so that he could work without the bother of people moving around them. The table was never counted in the listings for reservations, and the only time that the host staff ever put someone there was if Peter was in the back cooking.

Noah stayed long enough to eat his pie and drink three cups of coffee before heading out just as the restaurant opened for lunch. He looked like he was worried about leaving, but he did when Stiles glared at him.

Peter laughed and buried his face in Stiles’ back when Noah grumbled the entire way out. Peter couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he figured that Derek did, given the way that he was laughing his ass off.

“Oh, look. It’s lunchtime. That means you two can stay right here and eat. You are going to eat whatever I put in front of you and like it, or I’m going to tell your mother, Derek.”

Derek held up his hands in surrender.

“Burger,” Stiles said as he stood up to allow Peter to slip out from under him. “Fries. Curly or I’m not eating.”

“Of course, darling.”

The restaurant had a fair good amount of people that ate in there every Saturday so Peter slipped into the back so that he could cook lunch for Derek and Stiles before the rush hit. Boyd, it seemed already had the fries sitting and ready to be dredged before dropping them. The burgers were already on the grill. Peter raised an eyebrow.

“Cora called. Said that they had a hard one and that they would want comfort food. I know that that is for both of them. Derek’s cheesy hash browns are in the skillet, and Isaac’s watching them.”

“Remind me to give you a raise,” Peter said.

Boyd laughed and messed with the food on the grill before tossing the buns on there. Peter threw together a salad for each both of them and handed them to Erica when she came into the back for more lemons.

“Need help?” Peter asked as orders started to come back.

“Nope. You got and deal with them, I got the food.” Boyd pointed his turner at Peter and then at the door.

Peter raised his hands and headed out there.

The salads were already pretty much gone by the time that Peter sat down. He wasn’t hungry yet, it was too early for him, but he plucked one of the tomatoes from Stiles’ bowl and popped it into his mouth. Stiles stabbed him with his fork, and Peter just stuck his tongue out at him.

Stiles rotated his shoulders as he read over the passage again. He frowned and grabbed the other file before scooting this one to the side. He read over that witness statement.

“DAD!” Stiles yelled. He grabbed the two files and the other stacks that related to the cold case that he was working on.

“Stiles, don’t yell,” Noah said as Stiles entered his office.

Stiles looked up at him and frowned before shoving the file at his father. He pointed at the witness statement. One paragraph of it and then showed him the corresponding statement from the other person.

“And?” Noah asked after he read it.

The case had been cold for a decade before Noah had started to work at the station, which he had still been in the Army.

“Dad, the festival wasn’t held in that part of the park that year. I did a report on it in my civics class when we dealt with local things. It was not held because the wind storm had ripped apart the trees in the park area where it was held. The trees were still being repaired, and they were hoping to keep them alive after losing so many branches.”


“So that one was not there to help set up, and the other wasn’t arriving to do the same. The body wasn’t found for a year after the crime had happened. It was close to there, but that area right there had no reason to have them there at that time of the morning. There is no running trail there. The two who gave that statement after the park staff saw them there were probably hoping that no one would realize it.”

“Damn.” Noah took the last file on the case and pulled it close. It was a single person dead with no apparent enemies. The only two people she had been on the outs with had an alibi. Setting up for the festival that happened in that part of the park. They were seen in that area with everyone else, but they were not setting up. “I’ll see if the DNA matches them.”

“They are already in jail,” Stiles said.

“What?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, I was looking up all people associated with the case, and they were the only ones interviewed who ended up in jail. Dobbs is in prison for assault and battery and spousal abuse. Franks is in prison for murder. He got into a fight with someone, and he then went to their house and killed him. Their DNA is in the system. We can see if the two sets of saliva that were found on the body match them enough. It won’t do much, but it would be a reason to get them kept in jail and would get this case closed.”

“Sure. I’ll look into it. Leave it all here. Now go and work on that paper.”

“Oh, it’s done. I’ve got all of my classwork done. With Peter bed-bound, he just wants to cuddle, so I sit in bed at night with him, and he sleeps with his head pressed to my thigh. So I’ve been barreling through all of my school stuff at night. I literally have nothing else to work on, so I’m going through cold cases for the county.”

“How is Peter doing?”

“Well, he’s still bitching because I make him wear his sling in the house unless he’s in bed. His leg is up on the ottoman all the time if he’s in the living room. He’s being a brat, and I’m a tyrant.”

Noah shook his head and waved Stiles out of his office.

Stiles looked at the time and realized that he was an hour late for his lunch break. He grabbed his things up and waved at Parrish, who was working on paperwork. Parrish nodded his head that he would take over the front desk. There wasn’t a lot going on in the county at the moment. They had the normal idiots doing stupid things, but at least it wasn’t a lot of idiots doing stupid things like the month before. Which was why Peter had a dislocated shoulder that he didn’t like to leave alone and a broken leg. Two idiots had tried to hold up the bank, then fled on foot and tried to hide in Carinae. This hadn’t worked out well for them, considering that Peter had taken out the first one with minimal injury, but Erica had come in the door to the back and startled all of them. That had caused the second robber to jerk Peter and dislocate his shoulder in the process. The broken leg had come just after that, then the man had then shoved over one of the stoves onto his leg.

No one else had been around since all of the main prep was done, and the staff had wandered around the block a little to get some fresh air before they came back to work on getting things ready the rest of the way for dinner service. Stiles had been in class, and he had nearly gone fully feral when the idiot teacher had tried to stop him from running out of class. Another student had stepped in and stopped him and told Stiles he would grab up his stuff. Stiles had felt Peter’s shock and then the pain of his shoulder. He had been running across the campus when the broken leg had come in. Stiles hadn’t even stopped to grab his Jeep. He had known that he was too on edge to try and drive.

Erica had taken down the man by braining him with a cast-iron skillet after he had tried to run after shoving the stove over. She then used some of the zip ties that they used for keeping cords out of the way of things to secure him to another stove and waited for the cops to arrive. Because she knew that she couldn’t get the stove up and off of him. Stiles had arrived on the scene first, getting the stove off of Peter’s leg and then sitting with him and trying to calm him down. Derek arrived first, getting the radio call about seeing Stiles running through town and knowing exactly where he was headed.

Peter was nearly at the end of needing the sling for his arm, but he still overdid it at work with it. Peter mainly took names for reservations and worked on paperwork, but on occasion, he would sit out and talk, using his arms because he couldn’t talk without it seemed. Which was where Peter was sitting when Stiles entered Carinae. Stiles shook his head and laughed as he took in the woman that Peter was talking with. Peter’s eyes darted up and glanced at Stiles and then back down to the woman before jumping back to Stiles. He had a look of shock on his face.

“It’s not time for you to be off yet,” Peter said.

“No. It’s lunch.”

“Did you get caught up working?” Peter waved his hand at Erica, and she came over with a cup of hot tea for Peter that she set down in front of him. She did not have anything for the woman.

“I see that I’m being ignored now,” the woman said.

“Auntie, you’ve been talking at me for three hours. My Sentinel is late eating lunch, so I assume he got caught up in working and forgot that he needs to eat. I told you that you would not change my mind, and you keep on nattering about. I have told you no. Even Talia has told you no when you tried to get her to force me to do it as my older sister. I will ban you from here. The Sheriff has a soft spot for me, you know.”

“Yes, you and your friendship with the Sheriff. I’m shocked a Sentinel would even touch you given your bond with him.”

“Excuse me, Ma’am. I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” Stiles said.

“Hold your horses. I am not done here, and you can wait.” The woman didn’t even look up at him. She just kept on staring at Peter.

Peter just looked at her with raised eyebrows before he looked at Stiles.

Stiles just grinned at him and laid his hand on his belt, fingers barely touching his gun, and he walked to stand beside her. “Ma’am.”

Peter’s aunt just waved her hand and kept looking at Peter. Stiles ignored the door opening and kept his eyes focused on the woman.

“Ah, Sheriff, just in time.”

“You called the Sheriff on me?” the woman asked. She finally turned and looked at Stiles, her eyes widening as she took in his Deputy uniform.

“As I said, ma’am. I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Ugh, of course. that explains it.”

“That explains what?” Peter asked.

“No wonder your Sentinel is willing to share. He probably doesn’t want to be fired.”

“Constance, I thought that I told you that you were not welcome in Beacon Hills anymore?” Noah asked as he walked to the other side of the table.

“It was supposed to be an in and out. Talk sense into Peter to sell me the land so that my boys can have somewhere to live where it’s their right to live.”

“My land is mine. My father and mother left it to me. You were left what they wanted you to have.”

“Also, I kind of want to talk about how you think that I am sharing my Guide with my father,” Stiles said.

“Stiles,” Noah said.

Constance finally looked up at Stiles, and he could tell the moment that he saw her eyes land on his name tag. They widened.

“I mean, if you two are in some weird relationships because you are friends, what does that mean I have with the rest of the Hales. There are some days I see them more than I see Peter.”

“Sentinels and Guides can’t be friends.”

“Ah, you are one of those. No wonder Peter has never called you anything but the old bag.”

Constance puffed up, and she flung her hand out like she was going to slap Peter, but Stiles caught that hand and then used it to get her up and cuffed her.

“And she’s also broken her restraining order,” Noah said.

“Oh, fun day. I get to arrest a Hale and charge her with attempted assault and breaking a restraining order.”

“Thanks for the call, Erica,” Noah said.

Stiles read Constance her rights but gladly passed over her to Parrish when he came in. There was the hustle and bustle as she was escorted out, and Stiles dropped down into the seat next to Peter. Erica came over and grabbed the chair that Constance had been sitting in and moved it hell and gone away from Stiles. The smell of her was pissing Stiles off.

“Grilled Chicken Salad?” Erica asked.

“Yeah, that Italian dressing that Boyd makes, the special one, not the standard and like fours eggs on it.”

Erica nodded and slipped into the back.

“You know, I hate her,” Stiles said.

“Yes, well, the feeling is mutual. Talia is pissed off and getting our family lawyer involved. He’s going to probably do it for free just to get her into court.”

“Why?” Stiles asked.

“On Auntie cheated on him with his best friend while they were engaged. He’d love a reason to get her thrown in jail. And this isn’t the first time she’s broken.”

“What does she want?”

“So Mom and Dad owned a lot of lands here in town. There are a lot of businesses that we own the land and building. It was all split between our siblings when they died. Only Talia and I wanted to stay here, so we used the money that we got and bought the rest from the other two. Auntie thinks that she was owed part of that, even though my parents left what they wanted her to have in the will. Which was a tea set from their grandparents.”

“A tea set?” Stiles asked.

“Oh, yes. Ugly fucking thing that was left to Mom, and she hated it. It’s been changed who it was going to for a while. Then Auntie pissed her off, and well…that’s all she got.”

“Revenge tea set, I kind of love that. We need to buy something ugly and pack it up to leave to whoever we want that we hate the most.”

Peter was smiling, which was what Stiles was aiming for. Peter didn’t need the stress of his aunt doing whatever the hell she wanted. Peter had only ever called her auntie before, and it had taken Stiles a little while to figure out that he said it because he wanted to offend her. It was a name that most called aunts that they liked, not the ones that they hated.

“And when did her thoughts barge into the 1800s? Sentinels and Guides can be friends without bumping uglies. I mean…you and Dad are close despite your age difference. I know several people who are just friends with Guides. It’s not like just because you are a Sentinel, you are attracted to every single Guide that there is. It’s like saying that someone who is heterosexual is attracted to every single person who is the opposite gender or sex. Same for homosexuals. That’s…I’m sorry that part of your family is fucking idiots.” Stiles leaned over and kissed Peter’s forehead before he nuzzled at his cheek. “I’m gonna drive you home when I’m done. I have my car. No fighting me. You are stressed and tense, and your muscles have to be hurting. Just go home and relax, and I’ll bring dinner home on my way after I get off of shift.”

Peter nodded his head.

Hours later, when Stiles let himself into the house, he found Peter asleep on the couch with their puppy. Turtle had gotten knocked up by another dog in the area, and Stiles had gladly taken one of the male puppies. He had even snagged a girl for his Dad. He had trained her up with Peter’s help before giving her to his father. They were all quite happy with the little families that they now had.

“Hello,” Stiles said as he reached down and petted Aurora’s head. He had a swath of white on his forehead, hence his name. Stiles had been happy about having him since it allowed someone to be with Peter all day long when he had first been injured and allowed home. It also got him up a few times to let the puppy out while Stiles worked on getting a doggie door put into the back door.

This life had turned out nothing like what he thought it was going to when he got home, but he wasn’t going to trade Peter for anything in the world. Peter was his home, and in this home, there was no war.

The End

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