Project File: The Only Easy Day – DizzyDrea

Content Rating:
  • PG
  • Homophobia
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Angst
  • Drama
  • Hurt/Comfort
Jason Hayes/Alana Hayes, Clay Spenser/Stella Baxter, Jason Hayes/Clay Spenser

Word Count:

Author's Note:
I've never told a S&G story from the Guide's perspective, so this should be interesting.

Jason Hayes never expected to come online, though Clay Spenser had been expecting it. Jason was, after all, the most sense-alert latent Sentinel he'd ever met. That didn't mean either of them were prepared for Jason to come online during a rescue mission, nor for the fallout after the mission was over. It'll take all their combined skills to keep Jason's family together and find a way to move forward into uncharted territory. For all of them.

The Only Easy Day

Cast - The Only Easy Day

Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), Alana Hayes (Michaela McManus), Ray Perry (Neil Brown, Jr.), Stella Baxter (Alona Tal ), Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot)

About DizzyDrea

I've been writing fanfiction for about ten years now in a multitude of fandoms, both new and old. I love rare pairs, so chances are you'll discover a new one if you spend any time reading my work. Jane Austen is my literary hero, though I love a good Tom Clancy novel just as much. What can I say? I'm a study in contradictions, and I like it that way!

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