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Charlie Eppes/Ian Edgerton

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Starts pre-series. Also it turned into a crossover with the Sentinel. I moved the rating to R and took out Explicit Sex warning because it wasn't needed after all.

One call changes Charlie Eppes life and a second call devastates it. But in the aftermath he finds a new beginning.

Chapter Six

Blair looked at Marcus with wide eyes. “Do you have a bonding suite for Sentinels and Guides here or do we need to escort Charlie and Ian somewhere else? I really don’t think that they are going to last long before they need to complete their bond in a sexual way?”

Marcus nodded. “I assigned a few of the Guides I have working here at Headquarters to making sure it was cleaned and stocked earlier when I realized that Charlie was coming online. I may not advertise it but I am an Alpha Sentinel myself and I knew that Charlie wouldn’t be able to go very far before him and Ian ended up bonding. I may not be able to see or feel the bonds like you, Alpha Prime Guide Sandburg, but I could tell just by how Charlie and Ian looked at one another, acted with one another, and worked with one another that they would pair together once Charlie came online. I lost count how many Guides came to me about Charlie’s reaction to any unbonded Sentinel getting close to Ian. I had to reassure them several times that Ian was with Charlie due to his own choices and not because he was being forced in any shape, way, or form.”

Ian snorted even as he fought to keep himself from reaching out and touching Charlie. He knew that if he touched the younger man who was his Sentinel now that they wouldn’t make it to the bonding suite. “Nobody including my Sentinel would be able to force me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I may be a Guide, but I do have Sentinel tendencies even if I try not to use them or I try to lock them down. I will NEVER do something just because my Sentinel tells me to do it. I don’t take orders very well as my superiors can tell anyone who asks them that. If I don’t like something I will speak up and make my point. I may be a Guide but that doesn’t mean that I need a keeper. I have been on my own for years and I am not going to change the kind of person I am just because I found my Sentinel.”

Jim laughed. “Chief, let them go and bond because we will have to go over this again later. You know just as well as I do that they are NOT really taking in everything we say to them. They need the chance to bond and then to let their bond settle a little. I have a feeling we won’t see them again until tomorrow night which is fine. Did you forget how it was for us when we first completed our bond? We needed twenty-four hours with nobody around but the two of us. Let them have what we had, Chief.”

Blair sighed. “I’m sorry, Charlie and Ian. I know that I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m just ecstatic that not only has Charlie finally come online, but because you have found your Sentinel after all these years finally, Ian. I will see you two in twenty-four hours or longer. I WILL make sure that you are NOT bothered. I will also make sure that the bonding suite is shielded even more than it already is because I know that neither of you want others to feel what you do once you complete your bond.”

Charlie snickled slightly because he could actually feel just how happy Blair was for him and Ian. He nodded once at Blair to let him know there were no hard feelings before he followed Marcus out of his office and to the bonding suite. When he saw Marcus stop four doors down he sighed in relief because he really didn’t think he could handle having to walk by a lot of people just yet. He needed to complete his bond with Ian sooner rather than later. “Thank you, Marcus.”

Marcus smiled softly. “Everything should be stocked, but if there is something that you need that you don’t have feel free to send me a message and I’ll get it left outside the door. I am happy that I was right about you two belonging together. Other than Blair and Jim I don’t think that I have ever seen a Sentinel and Guide pair that was so perfect for one another. I’ll hold the fort down and if anyone calls your replacement phone, Charlie, I will make sure to take a detailed message.”

Charlie nodded and watched as Marcus walked away before he pushed the bonding suite door opened and walked in. He scanned it not only with his senses but with his Shaman abilities and sighed in relief that nothing seemed out of place. He turned to look at Ian and smirked when he noticed that his lover and Guide was also scanning the bonding suite. He pushed the door shut and locked it before he turned to run his eyes up and down Ian’s body. He really did love how fit the older man was. He loved the fact that Ian was now his for forever and that nobody could take him away from him.

He knew that Ian wasn’t a possession, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be possessive of him. He had a feeling that Ian was just as possessive of him, so he figured that both of them being possessive of one another was alright. “Are you alright, Ian? We don’t have to complete our bonding tonight if you don’t want to.”

Ian narrowed his eyes and glared at the man he was already falling in love with. “Charlie, I want nothing more than to complete our bond. I have felt like you were mine and I was yours since before I even met you. We aren’t rushing into this because let us be honest we have already chosen to be with one another and that was before you came online. I am more than happy to complete our bond right here and right now.

He stalked over to Charlie with a smirk on his face as he backed the younger man up against one of the walls. “Sentinel, do you take me to be your Guide?”

Charlie licked his lips. He always kind of thought that this part of the bonding process seemed more like getting married than an actual wedding did. “I do, Guide. Guide, do you take me to be your Sentinel?”

Ian licked his suddenly dry lips as he felt the pressure build. “I do, Sentinel. I promise to let you shelter me as I shelter you. I promise to be your other half. I promise to ground you when everything seems to be out of whack. I take you as my Sentinel because you are the only one for me. I take you as my Sentinel through the easy times and the hardships. I swear myself to you.”

Charlie smiled softly as he finally lifted a hand and cupped Ian’s chin as he stared in his lover’s eyes. “I promise to let you shelter me as I shelter you. I promise to be your other half. I promise to lean on you when I need grounding when everything seems out of whack. I take you as my Guide because you are the only one for me. I take you as my Guide through the easy times and the hardships. I swear myself to you.”

Ian sucked in a breath and leaned forward and locked his lips on Charlie’s. He knew that Charlie had already imprinted sight, sound, smell, and touch which he had done just now. He sighed into the kiss and let Charlie set the pace because it was the last sense that his Sentinel needed to imprint on him. He knew that normally it was the Sentinel who topped, but he also knew that Charlie preferred bottoming. When the kiss ended he pulled back just far enough to look down at Charlie through hooded eyes. “How do you want to do this, Charlie? Normally it is the Sentinel who tops especially during the complete bonding.”

Charlie shook his head. “You are topping, Ian. I asked Blair long ago about this and while it is normally the Sentinel who tops that is only because most Sentinels tend to like being in charge. I prefer to bottom. I may not have known that when I asked Blair but I did suspect it.”

Ian smiled and then pulled Charlie towards the bed. He slowly stripped his lover out of his clothes and then let Charlie strip him down. Once they were both naked he pushed Charlie back onto the bed and followed. He had enjoyed the sex with Charlie every time they had it, but he had to admit that this time it felt different. He didn’t hurry through it and he made sure that both him and Charlie enjoyed it.

Just at the end he said, “I take you as my Sentinel for all time, Charlie Eppes.” He felt his mind reach out and nudge at Charlie’s as he waited for the other man to respond.

Charlie gasped in shock even as he blurted. “I take you as my Guide for all time, Ian Egderton.” He sighed in happiness when his mind let Ian’s into his. He couldn’t believe how much more settled he felt. It was like a piece of himself had been missing his whole life.


Charlie laid on the bed with his head on Ian’s chest and panted as he tried to catch his breath. “That was different this time. I can feel you in every part of me, Ian.”

Ian chuckled and ran a hand down Charlie’s back. “It was different this time because we let each other in. I think part of my mind had been trying to reach out to yours since the first time we had sex, Professor. I have to say that I like feeling you inside my mind. I like knowing that you are alright.”

Charlie kissed Ian on the chest and then pointed to where his and Ian’s spirit animals were staring at one another. “What are they doing? I still can’t believe that my spirit animal is an African Grey Parrot.”

Ian shook with laughter. “I can. I think our spirit animals compliment one another, Professor. As to what they are doing I think they are about to complete our bond for us.”

Charlie jerked upright to a sitting position at the same time Ian did. They watched in silence and then gasped when their respective spirit animals flew at and then into one another. He could feel everything in that second and he sobbed at what he felt. Everything was so much more, but in a very good way. He leaned into Ian. “I know that this may be too soon, but I love you, Ian Edgerton.”

Ian kissed Charlie on the temple and drew him back down until they were both laying in the positions they had been before their spirit animals bonded. “I love you too, Charlie Eppes.”

Charlie sighed and closed his eyes. He listened to Ian’s heart beating and Ian breathing and drifted off into a light doze. Bonding had taken a lot out of him especially since he hadn’t been online for more than an hour or two. He really needed the next twenty-four hours to be just with his Guide. He knew that Ian and him had to figure things out, but he also knew that they could do it once their twenty-four hours was up. He just wanted glut himself on Ian and that was exactly what he was going to do. Everything else could and would wait until they had their alone time. Their bond needed time to settle before they made any big decisions.

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