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  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla

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Author's Note:
It's been awhile since I've read/watched Sanctuary and I'm excited to explore this story. Hope you enjoy it.

Helen makes a shocking discovery about herself and wonders what it will mean for her future.

Art by CoCo


Helen Magnus directed Henry to pull the van around to the back of the building where Kate and Will were waiting. The call had come into the Sanctuary earlier that a Guide had been at the scene among the other Abnormals rescued from the traders.  As Sentinels and Guides were one group of Abnormal integrated with humans, it was unusual to see one as a victim.  Her interactions with the Sentinel and Guide Centers were minimal unless they were passing along information on other Abnormals needing assistance form the Sanctuary.

“Why do you think she wants to come to the Sanctuary rather than the Center, Doc?” Henry asked as he maneuvered the van into the warehouse.

“I don’t know.  It is unusual, but I’m not going to deny the request for assistance.” Helen peered through the windshield just making out Will’s outline in shadows lingering to the side.

Will addressed Magnus as she climbed out of the van, “She’s through here.  Everyone else has been transported back to the Sanctuary. Kate went with them and will coordinate intake with Biggie. She’s a little bit in shock but otherwise no injuries.  Her only request was that we take her back to the Sanctuary rather than the local S&G Center.”

Will finished his summary just as they reached the small office where a young woman was lying on the couch, covered with a jacket and feet propped up. Her eyes opened as Helen approached.  She knelt beside the couch and touched the young woman’s wrist, checking her pulse.  “I’m Helen Magnus, do you know where you are?”

The young girl slowly nodded her head, “Old City, Warehouse District.” Her voice was rough and quiet as if she hadn’t used it in a while.

Helen continued her quick medical check, “Well, your pulse is fine, and you don’t appear to have a concussion. I’d like to get you back to the Sanctuary and complete a full check-up just to be sure. What’s your name?”


Gigi moved in an attempt to sit up.  Will and Magnus both reached for an arm to steady her.  “I’m okay. Well, I will be once I have a little bit of time to reinforce my shields.”

Magnus looked at her in concern, “your shields are gone?”

Gigi shook her head, “No not gone, just not as good as they could be. I need to work on my primary shield, but my secondary shield held.”

“Is there a Sentinel looking for you?” Will asked in an attempt to make conversation, provide a diversion and get additional information.

Gigi gave a small smile, “No sentinel.  I was actually looking for you and your team when these guys snatched me.  They were wearing some sort of cloaking device, I never felt them coming.”

“Looking for us?” Helen asked surprised.

They got Gigi strapped into the van and Henry started back towards the Sanctuary.  “Yes, I was hoping to talk you into giving me a job. I heard about the work you do to help and study Abnormals and I thought I could help.  I knew you didn’t have any Sentinels or Guides on staff, and I am able to function without a Sentinel.” She sighed, “I never expected to find you by having you rescue me though.”

Henry snorted but it was Will that addressed the comment “Magnus has a habit of finding her people in the most interesting situations.  She hit me with her car.”

“And let’s see, she found me when I was a kid.  Oh, and Kate was a bounty hunter that was part of a case we had.” Henry pipped up.

“Pay no attention to them, Gigi. We can talk more about your interests after we see you settled and get you checked out.” Helen’s voice was calm, but her eyes sparked with laughter at her team’s antics. She turned her head slightly to see Gigi nod once and then close her eyes to rest against the seat for the remainder of the drive.

It didn’t take long before Helen was gently prodding Gigi awake to head into the Sanctuary.  “Ah, Kate everything in order with our patients and guests?”

Kate stepped up to pull the door of the van open wider.  “Yep, everyone is tucked up tight for the night.  We can start on physicals and interviews tomorrow.  No one was reporting any pain or sickness, but all are in the SHU until you can check them out.  I didn’t have time to ask Sally if she was getting anything from them before I heard you pull in.”

“Okay, I’ll have a word with her.  Would you take Gigi here to the infirmary?  I’ll head that way in a few minutes.” Helen nodded at Gigi and Kate took her arm, leading her down the hallway.

Helen turned to Will and Henry, “Henry can you make sure all the electronics from the scene are secure before you turn in for the night?  And Will, do a final check to see if any of our other guests are awake and/or complaining recent pain that might need to be addressed tonight?”

“Sure thing Doc” Henry replied as he walked by with a bag full of who knows what from the warehouse.

Will waited a few minutes before turning toward Magnus, “are you sure you want Gigi in the infirmary rather than with the others? Do you buy her story of looking for us?  We haven’t had a lot of interaction Sentinels or Guides other than in passing?  Why now?”

Magnus looked toward the direction Gigi gone, “I perceived no deception from her, just an overwhelming tiredness from the ordeal.  At this point I don’t really see any reason not to trust her and she’ll be just as safe and secure in the infirmary.  Tomorrow will be soon enough to discern any other intentions she may have.”

Will acquiesced and she watched as he walked away.  “He’s right you know.” She turned and found her old friend and butler, Bigfoot, standing in the shadows.  “I will watch over her tonight.”

She went to him and started down the hallway at his side. “It is unnecessary but if you feel you must that is fine. Come, I want to see Sally and then I’ll introduce you to Gigi.”


  1. Good start

  2. Interesting beginning. I love how Will is asking the questions no one else wants to. Looking forward to reading the rest!

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