The Unknown Catalyst – 3 – CoCo

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Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla

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Helen makes a shocking discovery about herself and wonders what it will mean for her future.

Art by CoCo


Helen checked the stitches on Gigi’s arm and rebandaged the wound.  “The wound looks good, all things considered.  We’ll watch it over the next few days to ensure its healing correctly.  I’d like you to stay for the duration if you can.”

Gigi grinned “I’d love to stay.  It’ll give you a chance to get to know me better and ask me all those burning questions you have floating through your mind.”

Helen didn’t deny it “I am rather curious to what you can tell me that’s not available to the general public about sentinels and guides, but that can wait till we’re some place more comfortable.  In the meantime, do you want me to send someone to pick up some clothes and other necessities from your home? Or we have some supplies stocked here if you’d rather?”

“Whatever you have here I’m sure will be fine for a few days.” Not loving the idea of some unknown person going through her things, she thought that would be best for the time being.

“Fair enough.  I’ll have Kate deliver some items to your room.  In the meantime, do you want to continue the tour to my office?”

Gigi nodded and hopped off the table in a show of excitement to see more of the mysterious Sanctuary.

As they roamed the halls, Helen asked “What is your profession, Gigi?  You mentioned it was your job to work with latent and newly online Guides?  What does that entail?”

Gigi continued to glance side to side, taking in everything there was to see as they walked through the medical wing and passed the Shu.  She smiled as she saw a few of the permanent residents in their habitats.  “There are actually two sides to my job.  On one hand, I can help buffer a newly online guide or a guide that is on the cusp of coming online from outside influence and emotions.  Many Guides have some level of difficulty managing the sudden onslaught until their natural defenses kick in.  When we’re lucky, a Guide comes online slowly and will come to the Center or to others in the pride for assistance.  The Guides that come online through trauma or for some other sudden reason don’t always have other guides around to assist.  Nature provides, of course, but it can be harsh for some on top of the trauma they may already be suffering.”

“Anyway, part of my job is to assist in those instances, so I’m assigned as a conservator of sorts. Sometimes it’s for a short period of time and sometimes the assignments might last until the new Guide finds their Sentinel.  It is really an individualized process.”

“The other part of my job is training Guides, both latent and online.  I train them in traditional meditation techniques, centering etc.  I also assist with specialized gifts and if I can’t help them, I find others that can.”

“What kind of special gifts?” Helen asked as they turned the corner.

“There are the typical gifts that almost every Guide has, increased empathy and the ability to project emotions.” Helen nodded along.

“I can see you’re aware of the basics.”

“Yes, I have studied what is available to the public and we have had several guests over the years that have similar gifts, though I don’t suppose it works quite the same way.”  ~h

“As with any group of individuals, abilities differ with each person, some being more gifted than others regarding empathy and emotion.  There are also some guides that can spirit walk, others can actually communicate with their spirit guides. And very few develop a telepathic ability when they bond.”

When they reached the office, Helen gestured for Gigi to take a seat on the sofa and poured tea from the pot waiting for them.  “Your butler?” Gigi looked at Helen in question as she indicated the tea before them.

“A good a word as any, but he’s really just a friend that decided to stay with me and help out when he can.  He anticipates my needs better than I do sometimes.” Helen never felt right putting a title on what Bigfoot was to her or his role in her life.  “He is always a great help and I’d be lost without him.”

Gigi’s head was cocked to one side as if she was looking at a puzzle. Which, Helen supposed, maybe she was – If she considered herself a puzzle.

“What can you tell me about Sentinels?”  Helen asked, changing the subject from Bigfoot.

Gigi gave her a look that promised they would continue that portion of the conversation.  “All Sentinels have five advanced senses.” She looked at Helen for confirmation she knew this before moving on. “What many do not know or don’t care to educate themselves on, is that these levels vary.  Very few Sentinels have high levels on all five senses and one sense might be higher than others.  For example, one Sentinel might have higher sensitivity for smell while another for sight.  The combinations between the senses are as vast as they would be in mundanes’ differences for eyesight.”

She paused for an instance, “There is one additional gift that only a select few every discover.  Some Sentinels also receive an empathic gift similar to Guides and if a bonded Sentinel’s Guide has the telepathic ability, it is known to develop for the Sentinel as well.”

Helen took a sip of her tea as she processed all she heard.  “Thank you for sharing the information with me.  I know some of that is not readily available and while we could probably have discovered it on our own, I’m grateful to have you here instead.”

Gigi sat her tea cup down, “I know it’s a lot to take in, but it feels to me that you have a pretty good handle on your gifts and when you come on line, I think it’ll be a very smooth transition. You already use your empathy every day with your guests and your team.  I think it’s second nature to you, and probably has been for quite some time.”

Helen hid a grin as she took a sip of tea, if she only knew.

“And I think your Teams’ ability to anticipate your needs as you said, has a lot to do with you projecting your emotions. I felt something like a wish as we walked through the hallways, but it wasn’t overwhelming, and I couldn’t pinpoint it.  That to me says you are controlling your projections and that your team is very in tune with you, or at least Big Foot.”

Helen hummed under her breath as she thought about that.  She knew she had the gene and Gigi’s analysis made sense. “You said ‘when’ not if…”

“You are very much on the cusp of coming online, but you could remain there for a while yet.  It really is very individualized.”

“Do all Guides need Sentinels?  Most I have met seem to have a partner.”

“That is actually a myth.  Sentinels and Guides do not HAVE to bond; however, may do if they find a compatible match and on the rare occasion there is a perfect match, almost no one says no.  In some cases, bonding stabilizes senses and empathic abilities, in others the pair receives increases in their abilities or in the cases of telepathy a new gift.  But in general, bonding has been described as finding your home.  You always feel safe, protected, loved, cared for, whatever you want to call it.  This is true for both sides of the relationship.”

Helen was pensive as processed everything she’d heard.  “What I’m trying to figure out is why I’m coming online now?  I’m significantly older than the average person coming into their gifts.”

“Has anything unusual happened to you in last year?  I ask for that time period since you appear to slowly be emerging.”

Helen scoffed, “unusual is the normal around here I’m afraid.”

Gigi laughed in response. “I can imagine. So maybe not unusual in the typical sense but I would encourage you to think about times when you felt unusual or something bothered you more than it should have, or you felt happier than normal.  These outliers might help you pinpoint it.

“But in all seriousness to your questions.  It’s something to consider and I thank you again for the information.  And if I’m as close to coming online as you say it would be helpful to have you around. Are you still interested in working with us?”

“Yes, very much so.  I was hoping to assist with some of your more erratic guests. I was wondering if my empathic projections would be helpful.” She paused to sip her tea, “I would also very much like to learn more from you about the other Abnormal species in the world.”

Helen wasn’t sure she was ready for another addition to the team but couldn’t deny it would helpful, especially when she was out in the field with Will and Kate.  “Let’s get you completely healed, and we can do a trial run.”

“I appreciate it… “Gigi cut off as Will and Bigfoot burst into the room.

Will was slightly out of breath as he said, “We found this machine in the storeroom making noise.  Thought you should probably see it.”

“All right.”  She turned to Gigi, “Can you find your way back to your room?  Of if you’d like you can spend some time in the library?”

“I think I can manage.”

As Gigi left the room, she turned back toward Will.  “Show me what you got.”


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