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What is Rough Trade?
This site was born out of a site dedicated to writing during National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO). In our first year, we all worked together to create works of both fan and original fiction. Twenty-one writers participated in November of 2011. In November of 2012, we had another challenge and twenty-four authors were involved in the challenge. It was so much fun that in April of 2013, all got a bit crazy and twenty-one of us tried again! In July of 2013 we had our first Original Fic Only Challenge and twelve authors participated.

There is something amazing and inspiring about being part of a writing environment where you can feel safe to explore ideas and concepts in front of people. That’s what Rough Trade is really about. It’s about providing a community where authors can come together and create without being shamed, abused, or discouraged by the reading public.

We encourage readers to join the site and participate with feedback but please be aware that if you misbehave you will be removed from the site and not be allowed to return. There will be no appeal process, no opportunity for discussion. This is not a democracy — it’s an empire and as the badass Empress of this whole thing, I’ve tasked myself with creating a safe place for other writers and I’m totally capable of protecting them from trolls and assholes.

Why do you have to be a member to post and comment?
Because Keira is a very mean.

What is the Word Count Requirement?
It depends on the month and the established challenge.

What fandoms are accepted?
All fandoms and genres are accepted. You can also, if you choose, write original fiction. We will have challenges throughout the year that may be fandom or genre specific.

Are there any rules about content?
Yes, we insist that you WARN for incest, rape, non-con, dubious consent, child abuse, violence, character death, and murder.

Re: Underage sexual contact:

  • No sex between children and adults — this means that if one character is over the age of 20 (no longer teenager) then their partner must be at least 18 years old. No exceptions.
  • No sexual contact of any kind between (consenting or otherwise) teenagers under the age of 16.
  • While child molestation may exist as part of your story — it must not be depicted on screen and the discussion thereof should be warned for.

I would love to see both HET and SLASH offerings and I would demand that both genres be treated with respect by other participants and readers who will participate as well.

Will there be rules regarding comments?
Please see the feedback rules.

How do I sign Up?
Join the site as a subscriber and when we announce our next challenge a form will be provided for interested parties to sign up. Our main events are in April, July and November.

I read a story here once but it’s gone. What happened to it?
Rough Trade is not an archive. It’s a writing challenge site. Therefore, stories will come and go from the site on a regular basis as we have challenges throughout the year. Any information I have regarding a past work on the site is located here.

Why can’t I copy, save, or print from the site?
I’ve installed code on the site that will prevent copy/paste of text and images. It will also prevent the wholesale saving of entire pages. This was entirely my decision and no other author on Rough Trade was consulted. I’m not going to change my mind so don’t bother whining about it. I told authors from the start that Rough Trade was about them and that I would create a safe place for them explore their craft. I consider protecting their work from unauthorized distribution part of that covenant. You don’t have to agree but your disagreement isn’t going to change anything.

Got more questions?
Contact Keira

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