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One of the single best tools I have in my organizational arsenal as a writer is Microsoft One Note and it’s FREE.

Download Microsoft OneNote



  1. Telzey Amberdon

    Thanks for this: I have OneNote 2013 on my computer but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it might be for! I kept putting off doing a search for the info until I forgot I even had the software. I will definitely look for a tutorial online.

  2. Deliciously Weird

    Finally someone else in the world that appreciates the wonder that is One note. I use this program absolutely all of the time. I have it on my home computer, tablet, smart phone and most importantly my work computer.

    I would be lost, or well at least a lot less organized and impressive, without my one note. I have an account for work and personal. It syncs between my devices so I always have the information that I need.

    Seriously everyone you should really try it out. I keep all of my client and project information super tidy with it. Don’t think it’s just for work either. I have a whole section just for recipes. I kept a One note book when I did my kitchen remodel. I keep it as I now have a lot of my house measurements available at the touch of my fingers.

    So,..l basically I hate it as you can tell. *laughs*

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