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If you’re an asshole to me — I will ban you from commenting and ignore any emails you send.

If you’re searching for a project previously posted on the site, ALL of the information have regarding that is located on the Projects Archive on the Workshop. Don’t use this form to ask for a link to a story that is missing because I don’t have it and I’m not going to search for it.

I’ve installed code on the site that will prevent copy/paste of text and images. It will also prevent the wholesale saving of entire pages. This was entirely my decision and no other author on Rough Trade was consulted. I’m not going to change my mind so don’t bother whining about it. I told authors from the start that Rough Trade was about them and that I would create a safe place for them to explore their craft. I consider protecting their work from unauthorized distribution part of that covenant. You don’t have to agree but your disagreement isn’t going to change anything.

Current issues:
1. No subscription to individual stories available.
2. Safari users may encounter problems commenting and searching. Chrome and Firefox are working fine.




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