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If you’ve signed up for a challenge, fifteen days prior to the challenge starting you’ll be given “Contributor” privileges on This is an excellent time for you to log in to the site, check things out and practice posting if you’re unfamiliar with wordpress. At this point, you can’t publish anything but you can prepare a draft post of your Project File for me to review if you’re concerned about it going out to several thousand people. (Do not freak out about that number). When you’re ready for me to approve it — post it for review and I’ll handle the rest.

Profile File Requirements

The title should be: Project File: Title – Author

You must have a featured image to use for your posts and project file (the same or different I don’t care). It can be a picture of an actor playing your main character. I have no fucks to give on that issue.

Tags — your post should only have your title for that tag. This is for organizational purposes AND so that your project file will list related posts once you start posting your story to the site during the event.

We use a specific template to create the tabbed project file that will house our stories during Rough Trade challenges. It self-updates with all the links to your posts IF you follow the instructions regarding tags and categories. The template for tabs/with a casting table is located on the Publish page on the Author Dashboard.

The template should be Copy/Pasted into the “TEXT” tab in the posting area, then you can flip back to the “Visual” tab to fill in all of your data.

If you have any problems regarding posting, you can contact an admin through the Communication Center.

YouTube Tutorial

Time stamps:
Start – Basic Posting Navigation and Front End Publishing Module Overview
2:00 – Project File Without a Cast Tab
8:15 – Cast Page and Adding Other Images to Post
12:10 – Story Posts (differences between regular posts and a project file)

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