Setting Up Your Sprints

1. Remember this site works on Central Time Zone (America/Chicago) time and adjust your times as needed when you’re setting up your event. You can use Every Time Zone to calculate your time zone.

2. Do not upload any images despite your apparent ability to do so. I just can’t turn that shit off. I will delete your event outright if you upload a picture.

3. Title your event properly – here are some examples:

Sprint-20 w/Discord Name
Sprint-45 w/Discord Name

4. Make sure to review the sprint calendar so that you’ll know who is already signed up to run sprints.

5. Do not share this link with anyone outside the moderation team for the Just Write Sprints.

You can add, edit, duplicate, and delete events on Event Submissions.

Event Submissions |Sprint Calendar


You’ll receive an email when your events have been approved by the admins.


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