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Fandom Resources


Quotes Wiki - Quotes from notable characters and people about a variety of shows

The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings

Travel Routes and Times
The Hobbit: Events and Details
Lord of the Rings Project - Also an app for a nominal fee. Best for timeline and family trees.
Lord of the Rings Wiki
Tolkien Gateway
The Encyclopedia of Arda
more coming soon...

Languages in LotR

Ardalambion - All Languages
Mellonath Daeron - mostly focus on Quenya and Sindarin, but others as well
Fellowship of the Word-smiths - All Languages
- Black Speech, Elvish, Khuzdul, Orkish
Dwarrow Scholar - based on the work of Midgardsmal's Khuzdul.


For more detailed info, the books are invaluable: Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-Earth Series, especially The War of the Jewels, Morgoth's Ring and The Peoples of Middle Earth.

Aging and Lifecycle

Age of Dwarves
Elven Lifecycle

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Avengers' Mansion
Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
Marvel Database
Marvel Universe Wiki
Marvel Movies
more coming soon...


Timeline - visual
Gibbs' Rules
NCIS Database - Original show only
NCIS: LA Database
NCIS: New Orleans
more coming soon...

Stargate (all)

Stargate Wiki - All Series
Richard Dean Anderson Stargate Lexicon - includes dictionaries, stargate glyphs and various other reference material. (click on Lexicon in the left nav)
GateWorld - All Series
Cheyenne Mountain - Base overview by level
more coming soon...

More coming soon....

A link to fictional, and a couple of real, places - layouts and maps:


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