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Help! Canadian/US border Info

Just wondering if there is anyone who would be able and willing to have a PM chat with me at some point, about the Canadian/US border at Sault Ste Marie or somewhere similar. I need to pick someone's brains about the area, weather (hopefully deeeeeep snow and blizzards) and anything else people think might be interesting. I'm plotting (new plot which may well be my NaNo although I've already got one underway) and need one of my characters to be fleeing a corrupt government and trying to make it to the border but getting trapped in bad weather.

I'm in the UK, but I tend to be awake late at night, so I could make myself available at your convenience.

Keeping my fingers crossed... :D

That's one of the border crossings I haven't been to, but I've been to several others. If no one can offer info on that particular one, you're welcome to contact me. You can get me through FB or email.

I crossed at Sault Ste Marie once about a decade ago. The crossing/border station is on a large bridge over the river. I'm not sure if they ever close the bridge due to weather, but it is far enough north that it would definitely be susceptible to snow, ice and high winds in winter. Hope that helps!

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