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Indentifying Intrusive Feedback

There is a special sort of commenter in fandom that is often more damaging to the writer than an outright troll. This is the reader who intrudes on your craft with their wishes and plot speculations. It's hard to dismiss them because they don't appear cruel on the surface. They appear to be offering you advice out of kindness and often they make the appearance of being invested in your work in a positive manner. 

Spotting this kind of asshole:

1. They couch praise for your work with thinly veiled "constructive criticism".
2. They mention specific plot points and pretend to be confused by them.
3. They focus on a certain event or character action and speculate on it to the point that you feel like you're being giving instructions on how your character should act in the future.
4. They question the motives of your characters using phrases like "I'm not sure if" and "I wonder if".
5. They express anger and other emotions at your characters in feedback in an excessive fashion -- they're really mad at you for not writing the character the way they want, but they're pretending otherwise.
6. If they aren't pretending to be confused by plot points, they're speculating on where they will go and expressing disappointment preemptively based on their personal speculations.
7. They see shit in your work that is simply not there and comment extensively about it. 
8. They list actions your characters have taken within your story then defend those actions as not being as bad as you've portrayed them to be, they take offense on behalf of the character, OR they speculate on ways you can fix the character to suit them.

How do to deal with this sort of asshole:

1. Don't engage -- these kinds of commenters are fucking black holes of need. They don't respect your boundaries and never will.
2. Delete their comments and try to forget about them. I know it's hard because they've thrust themselves into your work and made you doubt yourself but this is YOUR story, and they don't have a creative place in it.
3. Ban them commenting further if possible.

Over all, ignore them completely -- they're never going to engage with you in a positive and productive way after all their first act was to attempt to give you constructive feedback you didn't ask for in a mixture of back-handed compliments and thinly veiled complaints. Don't fall for their shit. It's a waste of time.

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